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Rosanne Skirble

Rosanne Skirble

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A Voice of America correspondent.

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17 May 2002Tour de Sol Festival Highlights Environmentally Friendly Vehicles Roseanne Skirble
19 February 2003Bush Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle Plan Stirs Debate Among Environmentalists Rosanne Skirble
28 June 2003Former Race Care Driver Helps Teens on 'Driver's Edge' Roseanne Skirble
23 June 2004World's Biggest 'Living Roof' Covers Michigan Ford Plant Rosanne Skirble
14 April 2005Many Americans Ready to Switch to More Fuel-Efficient Cars Rosanne Skirble
21 July 2006Grassroots Activist Turns Personal Tragedy into National Movement Rosanne Skirble
15 March 2007Tomorrow's 'Green' Car: Available Today Rosanne Skirble
11 January 2010Falling New Auto Sales in US Could Signal End of EraRosanne Skirble, VOA News
28 January 20102010 Washington Auto Show Electrifies PublicRosanne Skirble, VOA News
11 January 2011GM Volts to Top at Auto ShowRosanne Skirble, VOA News
14 February 2011Americans Rev Up for Cleaner, More Efficient Cars Rosanne Skirble, VOA News
4 April 2011Automakers Turn Agro-Waste into Car Parts Rosanne Skirble, VOA News
20 October 2011'Revenge of Electric Car' Takes a Wild Ride Rosanne Skirble, VOA News
29 July 2013Doppler on Wheels Rolls Into Tornados Rosanne Skirble, VOA News

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