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The Walczak Name

The Walczak Name The image of the Flag of Poland is by Olek Remesz and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The Walczak Name

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This section is of automotive information relating to persons and entities with the Walczak name.  While the Library carries the Crittenden name, Walczaks have been incredibly important in the founding of The Crittenden Automotive Library.

Library founder Bill Crittenden married Heidi Walczak in 2002, and gained a former local racer and classic car buff for a father-in-law, John Walczak.  John was, at the time, involved in model cars and NASCAR memorabilia, adding to Bill Crittenden's experience and shaping the Library before it had even started.  He was, in fact, there at the beginning, as CarsAndRacingStuff.com originally registered to be his online marketplace with Bill Crittenden acting as webmaster.  He never did get an online store going but the handful of articles and pictures that were to run alongside the merchandise eventually became The Crittenden Automotive Library as you see it today!  That never-realized store was the push down the path that leads to the information source you enjoy today.

The Walczak name goes one generation further, as Heidi kept her name upon marriage.  Heidi and Bill welcomed their son Elijah Walczak into the family in 2004.

A few years later, Heidi's cousin Bob raced a Monte Carlo for a few seasons at the local dirt track.

Walczak Topics

The John Walczak Collection

Bob Walczak
race car driver

Heidi Walczak

John Walczak
race car driver, model car decal company owner, model car club president

Lenore Walczak Kolhoff
The John Walczak Collection


DateDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
8 September 1998Supplemental Inflatable Restraint Disabling System
United States Patent US 5,803,491
William Joseph Barnes & Lenore Walczak Kolhoff for General Motors Corporation

- 3.6MB - 8 pages

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1 September 1936Conducts Inquest In Auto DeathThe Day

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