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Terry S. Vostor

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Terry S. Vostor

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30 July 2009Automotive V.I.N. Numbers What Do They MeanTerry S. Vostor
2 August 2009Auto Sales Marketing: Welcome To The InternetTerry S. Vostor
13 August 2009Auto Dealerships & Car Lots Resist The Temptation To Promote Your Best SalespeopleTerry S Vostor
22 September 2009History Of Dodge Trucks, TheTerry S Vostor
9 October 2009Vintage Used Ford Trucks Built By DodgeTerry S Vostor
19 Ocotber 2009S.U.V.'S On Your Auto Dealer's Lot May Be Your Best Purchase ValueTerry S Vostor
14 November 2009Some Else's Hybrid Your New SUVTerry S Vostor
17 December 2009Auto Dealers Are They A Good Place For Used Car Sales, Service & Financing ?Terry S. Vostor
20 December 2009Used Cars Private Deal or a DealershipTerry S Vostor
21 August 2010AARP Driver SafetyTerry S Vostor
12 November 2010Jaguar Motor Cars as An Early Pioneer In Auto StyingTerry S Vostor
25 November 2010Be Wary of Salvage & Damaged Automobile'sTerry S Vostor
21 March 2011Where Should You Look for Your New Car or SUV?Terry S Vostor
25 May 2011Should Yet Get a Spoiler on Your Basic Mazda 3Terry S Vostor
4 July 2011Gas Prices In History Vs Automotive MpgTerry S Vostor
7 September 2011Comparison Specs Mazda RX-7 RX8Terry S. Vostor

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