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Fernando Alonso

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Fernando Alonso

Full Name:  Fernando Alonso Díaz
Nationality:  Spanish

Formula 1 driver.

His accomplishments include:

  • 2005 Formula 1 Champion
  • 2006 Formula 1 Champion

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    Formula 1 Race History
    Article Index

    Formula 1 Race History

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    DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
    March 4, 2001AustralianMinardi-European19120
    March 18, 2001MalaysianMinardi-European21130
    April 1, 2001BrazilianMinardi-European19Retired0
    April 15, 2001San MarinoMinardi-European18Retired0
    April 29, 2001SpanishMinardi-European18130
    May 13, 2001AustrianMinardi-European18Retired0
    May 27, 2001MonacoMinardi-European18Retired0
    June 10, 2001CanadianMinardi-European22Retired0
    June 24, 2001EuropeanMinardi-European21140
    July 1, 2001FrenchMinardi-European21170
    July 15, 2001BritishMinardi-European21160
    July 29, 2001GermanMinardi-European21100
    August 19, 2001HungarianMinardi-European18Retired0
    September 2, 2001BelgianMinardi-European20Retired0
    September 16, 2001ItalianMinardi-European21130
    September 30, 2001United StatesMinardi-European17Retired0
    October 14, 2001JapaneseMinardi-European18110
    March 9, 2003AustralianRenault1072
    March 23, 2003MalaysianRenault136
    April 6, 2003BrazilianRenault1036
    April 20, 2003San MarinoRenault863
    May 4, 2003SpanishRenault328
    May 18, 2003AustrianRenault19Retired0
    June 1, 2003MonacoRenault854
    June 15, 2003CanadianRenault445
    June 29, 2003EuropeanRenault845
    July 6, 2003FrenchRenault7Retired0
    July 20, 2003BritishRenault8Retired0
    August 3, 2003GermanRenault845
    August 24, 2003HungarianRenault1WIN10
    September 14, 2003ItalianRenault2081
    September 28, 2003United StatesRenault6Retired0
    October 12, 2003JapaneseRenault5Retired0
    March 7, 2004AustralianRenault536
    March 21, 2004MalaysianRenault1972
    April 4, 2004BahrainRenault1663
    April 25, 2004San MarinoRenault645
    May 9, 2004SpanishRenault845
    May 23, 2004MonacoRenault3Retired0
    May 30, 2004EuropeanRenault654
    June 13, 2004CanadianRenault5Retired0
    June 20, 2004United StatesRenault9Retired0
    July 4, 2004FrenchRenault128
    July 11, 2004BritishRenault16100
    July 25, 2004GermanRenault536
    August 15, 2004HungarianRenault536
    August 29, 2004BelgianRenault3Retired0
    September 12, 2004ItalianRenault4Retired0
    September 26, 2004ChineseRenault645
    October 10, 2004JapaneseRenault1154
    October 24, 2004BrazilianRenault845
    March 6, 2005AustralianRenault1336
    March 20, 2005MalaysianRenault1WIN10
    April 3, 2005BahrainRenault1WIN10
    April 24, 2005San MarinoRenault2WIN10
    May 8, 2005SpanishRenault328
    May 22, 2005MonacoRenault245
    May 29, 2005EuropeanRenault6WIN10
    June 12, 2005CanadianRenault3Retired0
    June 19, 2005United StatesRenault6Retired0
    July 3, 2005French1WIN10
    July 10, 2005BritishRenault128
    July 24, 2005GermanRenault3WIN10
    July 31, 2005HungarianRenault6110
    August 21, 2005TurkishRenault328
    September 4, 2005ItalianRenault228
    September 11, 2005BelgianRenault428
    September 25, 2005BrazilianRenault136
    October 9, 2005JapaneseRenault1636
    October 16, 2005ChineseRenault1WIN10
    March 12, 2006BahrainRenault4WIN10
    March 19, 2006MalaysianRenault728
    April 2, 2006AustralianRenault3WIN10
    April 23, 2006San MarinoRenault528
    May 7, 2006EuropeanRenault128
    May 14, 2006SpanishRenault1WIN10
    May 28, 2006MonacoRenault1WIN10
    June 11, 2006BritishRenault1WIN10
    June 25, 2006CanadianRenault1WIN10
    July 2, 2006United StatesRenault554
    July 16, 2006FrenchRenault328
    July 30, 2006GermanRenault754
    August 6, 2006HungarianRenault15Retired0
    August 27, 2006TurkishRenault328
    September 10, 2006ItalianRenault10Retired0
    October 1, 2006ChineseRenault128
    October 8, 2006JapaneseRenault5WIN10
    October 22, 2006BrazilianRenault428
    March 18, 2007AustralianMcLaren-Mercedes228
    April 8, 2007MalaysianMcLaren-Mercedes2WIN10
    April 15, 2007BahrainMcLaren-Mercedes454
    May 13, 2007SpanishMcLaren-Mercedes236
    May 27, 2007MonacoMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    June 10, 2007CanadianMcLaren-Mercedes272
    June 17, 2007United StatesMcLaren-Mercedes228
    July 1, 2007FrenchMcLaren-Mercedes1072
    July 8, 2007BritishMcLaren-Mercedes328
    July 22, 2007EuropeanMcLaren-Mercedes2WIN10
    August 5, 2007HungarianMcLaren-Mercedes645
    August 26, 2007TurkishMcLaren-Mercedes436
    September 9, 2007ItalianMcLaren-Mercedes1WIN10
    September 16, 2007BelgianMcLaren-Mercedes336
    September 30, 2007JapaneseMcLaren-Mercedes2Retired0
    October 7, 2007ChineseMcLaren-Mercedes428
    October 21, 2007BrazilianMcLaren-Mercedes436
    March 16, 2008AustralianRenault1145
    March 23, 2008MalaysianRenault781
    April 6, 2008BahrainRenault10100
    April 27, 2008SpanishRenault2Retired0
    May 11, 2008TurkishRenault763
    May 25, 2008MonacoRenault7100
    June 8, 2008CanadianRenault4Retired0
    June 22, 2008FrenchRenault381
    July 6, 2008BritishRenault663
    July 20, 2008GermanRenault5110
    August 3, 2008HungarianRenault745
    August 24, 2008EuropeanRenault12Retired0
    September 7, 2008BelgianRenault645
    September 14, 2008ItalianRenault845
    September 28, 2008SingaporeRenault15WIN10
    October 12, 2008JapaneseRenault4WIN10
    October 19, 2008ChineseRenault445
    November 2, 2008BrazilianRenault628
    March 29, 2009AustralianRenault1054
    April 5, 2009MalaysianRenault9110
    April 19, 2009ChineseRenault290
    April 26, 2009BahrainRenault781
    May 10, 2009SpanishRenault854
    May 24, 2009MonacoRenault972
    June 27, 2009TurkishRenault8100
    June 21, 2009BritishRenault10140
    July 12, 2009GermanRenault1272
    July 26, 2009HungarianRenault1Retired0
    August 23, 2009EuropeanRenault863
    August 30, 2009BelgianRenault13Retired0
    September 13, 2009ItalianRenault854
    September 27, 2009SingaporeRenault536
    October 4, 2009JapaneseRenault16100
    October 18, 2009BrazilianRenault10Retired0
    November 1, 2009Abu DhabiRenault15140

    Article Index

    March 20, 2005Fernando Alonso Takes Checkered Flag in Malaysian Formula One Grand PrixVOA Sports
    July 2, 2005Alonso Takes French GP PoleVOA Sports
    July 9, 2005Alonso Takes Pole for British GPVOA Sports
    July 9, 2005Formula 1: Alonso in lead in tomorrow's British Grand PrixWikinews
    September 23, 2005Auto Racing: Alonso Posts Fastest Time in Brazilian Grand PrixVOA Sports
    September 25, 2005Fernando Alonso se convierte en campeón mundial de Fórmula 1 en BrasilWikinoticias
    September 26, 2005Fernando Alonso becomes new Formula One World ChampionWikinews
    October 23, 2005Fernando AlonsoMarvyn H.
    December 19, 2005Fernando Alonso firma contrato con McLaren MercedesWikinoticias
    Decmeber 19, 2005Fernando Alonso wechselt zu McLaren-MercedesWikinews
    May 13, 2006Alonso Wins Spanish GP poleVOA Sports
    May 14, 2006Alonso wins Spanish GP: fans are rejoicingWikinews
    May 28, 2006Fernando Alonso wins 2006 Monaco Grand PrixWikinews
    June 11, 2006Fernando Alonso wins British Grand PrixWikinews
    June 25, 2006Fernando Alonso wins 2006 Canadian Grand PrixWikinews
    June 28, 2006Fernando Alonso and the Canadian Grand PrixJulie Smith
    June 29, 2006Formula 1: United States Grand PrixFernando Alonso
    October 8, 2006Alonso Wins Japanese Grand PrixVOA Sports
    October 8, 2006Fernando Alonso wins 2006 Japanese Grand PrixWikinews
    October 22, 2006Fernando Alonso es converteix en bicampió de la Fórmula 1Viquinotícies
    October 22, 2006Fernando Alonso se convierte en bicampeón de Fórmula 1Wikinoticias
    April 8, 2007Fernando Alonso wins 2007 Malaysian Grand PrixWikinews
    May 27, 2007Fernando Alonso wins 2007 Monaco Grand PrixWikinews
    June 4, 2007Alonso wants to repeat his success in MonacoAudrey Nolan
    June 11, 2007Alonso Clocks Fastest Lap Time in Canadian Grand Prix TestsAnthony Fontanelle
    June 14, 2007Hamilton Eyes World Title, Alonso Cries UnfairAnthony Fontanelle
    June 21, 2007Alonso Issues Warning for HamiltonAnthony Fontanelle
    June 21, 2007Hamilton A Threat To AlonsoAnthony Fontanelle
    June 29, 2007Alonso To Step Up GameAnthony Fontanelle
    July 3, 2007Alonso Ready To Step UpAnthony Fontanelle
    July 22, 2007Fernando Alonso wins 2007 European Grand PrixWikinews
    August 4, 2007Fernando Alonso y McLaren, sancionados por la FIAWikinoticias
    August 15, 2007Hamilton Sees Unending Feud With AlonsoAnthony Fontanelle
    August 19, 2007Hamilton admits problems with AlonsoAudrey Nolan
    August 24, 2007McLaren Duo: Have They Buried The Hatchet?Anthony Fontanelle
    September 9, 2007Alonso guanya el Gran Premi d'ItàliaViquinotícies
    September 9, 2007Fernando Alonso wins 2007 Italian Grand PrixWikinews
    September 22, 2007Dennis and Alonso not on good termsCindy Ferguson
    October 22, 2007Alonso needs a miracle to winAudrey Nolan
    November 28, 2007Has Alonso Been Naughty Or Nice?Anthony Fontanelle
    January 31, 2008Alonso, Renault Ready for 2008 SeasonVOA Sports
    October 12, 2008Fernando Alonso vence en el Gran Premio de JapónWikinoticias
    October 12, 2008Fernando Alonso wins 2008 Japanese Grand PrixWikinews
    October 24, 2008Fernando Alonso seguirá con Renault en 2009Wikinoticias
    November 21, 2008El nuevo R29 para Fernando Alonso se probara en diciembreWikinoticias
    December 28, 2008Fernando Alonso podría ir a Ferrari en 2011Wikinoticias
    July 25, 2009Fernando Alonso takes pole at 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, Felipe Massa badly injuredWikinews
    August 22, 2009Rumours suggest Alonso and Schumacher could move to FerrariWikinews
    September 26, 2010Spain’s Alonzo Wins Singapore Grand PrixVOA Breaking News
    March 26, 2012Fernando Alonso gewinnt den „Großen Preis von Malaysia“Wikinews
    September 12, 2013Alonso On His BikeGeoff Maxted

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