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Vehicle Marque

A brand of cars based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.  Started in 2003.

Vehicle names used by BYD include:  C9, e6, F0, F3, F5, F6, eBUS-12, K9, L3, M6, Qin, S6, Su Rui, and Tang.

Advertising slogans include:  Build Your Dreams

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Article Index

October 26, 2007“平易近人”,F3R赢取市场芳心BYD
October 26, 2007F3白金版高“烧”不退 经典车初具霸气BYD
October 28, 2007F6双模电动汽车亮相 解析比亚迪“生存密码”BYD
October 29, 2007比亚迪:燃油税对汽车企业而言是机遇不是挑战BYD
October 31, 2007比亚迪汽车离世界第一有多远BYD
November 2, 2007比亚迪将双标运行 F6年内上市挂新标BYD
November 5, 2007上市前奏曲 比亚迪F6联袂登陆广州车展BYD
November 7, 2007更符合年轻人口味 比亚迪F3-R静态体验BYD
November 7, 2007比亚迪试水DIY"个性化F3R吃香"BYD
November 7, 2007信心十足挑战日韩车 对比测试比亚迪F3BYD
November 8, 2007为08年布局 比亚迪六大车型汇聚广州车展(图)BYD
November 11, 2007电动车计划开始 比亚迪F6/F6DM即将亮相BYD
November 12, 200708年车市将大变革 自主新能源车量产渐近BYD
November 12, 2007比亚迪:要将汽车业“推倒重来”BYD
November 12, 2007比亚迪汽车将开启 中国“电动”时代BYD
November 12, 2007走进比亚迪 比亚迪:走在超越的路上BYD
October 7, 2009Chinesischer Autohersteller BYD will die Konkurrenz mit Elektroautos das Fürchten lehrenWikinews
September 27, 2010BYD Breaks Industry Records for Fastest 1M in Vehicle Sales, F3DM Nationwide Launching Tour Kicks offBYD
September 27, 2010BYD e6 Achieves Fleet Distance Milestone – Over 600,000 Kilometers LoggedBYD
September 29, 2010BYD Accomplishes the Launching Tour of M6 in BeijingBYD
September 30, 2010BYD Introduces All-Electric Bus and Signs Agreement with Hunan Province for 1000 K9 e-BusesBYD
October 14, 2010China Seizes Property From Buffett-Linked Auto FirmVOA Breaking News
March 1, 2011BYD Electric Vehicle to Launch in Europe by Q4 2012BYD
March 1, 2011Joint Venture between BYD and Daimler Receives Business LicenseBYD
June 14, 2011BYD Company presents proposal to introduce 100% electric vehicles in Santiago’s public transportation systemBYD
June 14, 2011BYD will Introduce All Electric Buses in FrankfurtBYD
June 30, 2011Shares in Chinese Automaker Surge in Stock Exchange DebutVOA Breaking News
July 24, 2011BYD Signs the World’s Largest Public Electric-Vehicle Fleet LeaseBYD
August 13, 2012Copenhagen is introducing the first full-size pure electric buses from BYDBYD
August 21, 2012BYD Su Rui goes to market in Beijing, with Remote Driving Control technologyBYD
September 7, 2012BYD Pure Electric Vehicles First Launch in ThailandBYD
October 19, 2012BYD Unveils “SUV-of-the-Year” and Launches New Auto Line-up at Chile Auto ShowBYD
December 11, 2012Chinese BYD company to open auto assembly plant in BulgariaBYD
December 12, 2012Bogotá Launches All-electric Taxi Fleet using Long-Range BYD e6 Cross-over SedanBYD
December 13, 2012BYD to set up the first electric bus JV company in EuropeBYD
December 14, 2012BYD Fe-battery manufacturing base got international certificationBYD
December 19, 2012The First Chinese Auto Co. Enjoy Import "Zero" Tariff, BYD e6 Enter ThailandBYD
December 28, 2012BYD was awarded as "Annual ChinaAutomotive Brand"BYD
January 8, 2013BYD receives EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval for its pure electric busBYD
January 10, 2013BYD delivers 500 e6 pure electric police cars to Shenzhen Public Security BureauBYD
January 25, 2013BYD L3 going on sale in LaosBYD
February 20, 201311 all electric cars BYD e6 arrive at USBYD
March 20, 2013Future Rapid Transportation System Unveiled in BogotáBYD
March 22, 2013BYD Releases Electrified Public Transportation Solution in HK to Avoid 56% Automobile EmissionsBYD
April 17, 2013BYD e6 became the designate transport vehicle for Mr. Governor of CABYD
May 2, 2013Netherlands Launch All-Electric Bus ServiceBYD
May 3, 2013BYD and the City of Lancaster Announce Lancaster Energy Module and Electric Bus Manufacturing FacilitiesBYD
May 16, 2013Hong Kong’s First Pure-Electric Taxis Begin Service, Revolutionizing Public TransportBYD
May 22, 2013Former U.S. President Bill Clinton rides in BYD pure-electric Taxi across ColombiaBYD
May 23, 2013Uruguay Launches First "ZERO EMISSIONS" Pure-Electric BusesBYD
June 17, 2013BYD’s pure electric ebus begins trials in WarsawBYD
July 1, 2013L.A. Metro to Purchase Its First Electric Buses for Los Angeles County Transit RidersBYD
July 5, 2013A First in Canada, the STO and STM test BYD all-electric busBYD
July 15, 2013BYD Pure Electric Bus testing begins in UruguayBYD
July 17, 2013BYD wins Schiphol contract: 35 pure electric buses for airside servicesBYD
August 7, 2013BYD’s ebus begins service in Israel: Dan Bus Company starts operation in Tel AvivBYD
September 3, 2013Bogotá Launches the Largest All-electric Taxi Fleet in South AmericaBYD
September 22, 2013Electric Buses Complete Testing Program in ColombiaBYD
September 27, 2013BYD ebus selected for best transportation solution in the Top 10 Sustainable Innovation for 2013BYD
October 1, 2013BYD Ranks Highest in Auto Industry of Most Admired Chinese Companies of 2013BYD
October 11, 2013BYD Expands in the Asia-Pacific Auto MarketBYD
October 15, 2013The First All-electric, Zero-emissions Bus Launches in the CaribbeanBYD
October 21, 2013BYD plans European ebus assembly plant following successBYD
November 5, 2013BYD Electric Vehicle Fleets: A Centerpiece in the Celebration of a Wuzhou’s New Green ChapterBYD
November 6, 2013Facts about BYD to Correct the RecordBYD
November 11, 2013BYD contracts KLM to service electric bus fleet at SchipholBYD
November 11, 2013Two BYD ebuses enter trial service in CopenhagenBYD
November 19, 2013BYD Wins Top Crash Test Facility 2013BYD
December 4, 2013Sao Paulo Transit Completes Successful Trials of the 40-Foot BYD Pure-Electric BusBYD
December 9, 2013Viação Rio Vermelho Launches Electric Bus Pilots in Salvador BrazilBYD
December 20, 2013BYD ebuses enter service in LondonBYD
December 25, 2013Bogota could be Home to the World’s First, Long-Range, Zero-Emissions, Articulated Bus BYD’s announces 18 meter All-Battery-Electric BRT BusBYD
December 31, 2013"Asian Vegas" Macau Introduces BYD Electric BusesBYD
January 9, 2014BYD and New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)BYD
January 21, 2014ABB and BYD’s Chuanfu Wang Awarded Zayed Future Energy PrizeBYD
January 21, 2014BYD Chuanfu Wang Wins the "Zayed Future Energy Prize"BYD
January 26, 2014BYD Launches 2014 QIN in Latin AmericaBYD
January 26, 2014Zero-Emissions* Bus Testing in Canada Successful in Gatineau, Next MontrealBYD
February 7, 2014BYD Collaborates with I2R on Autonomous Vehicle ResearchBYD
February 10, 2014Southeast Asia‘s Largest Zero-Emissions Electric Bus Order Awarded to BYDBYD
February 12, 2014Electric private hire cars launched in LondonBYD
March 3, 2014First Zero-Emission, Pure-Electric Bus Launches in IndiaBYD
March 6, 2014Nanjing China Electrifies Public Transportation, Launches Zero-Emission FleetsBYD
March 7, 2014Going Green: Spokane Transit Evaluates All-Electric Bus on City RoutesBYD
March 10, 2014Mayor of Ankara launches BYD pure electric bus trialBYD
March 14, 2014BYD Labor Issues Resolved by California Labor Commission, Minimum Wage Dispute Dropped, Technical Fines Reduced by Two-ThirdsBYD
March 14, 2014Mayor of Ankara launches BYD pure electric bus trialBYD
March 18, 2014Uruguay Ministries of Industry, Energy, Transportation and Uruguay National Utility Company (UTE) Release Test Results for BYD’s Zero-Emissions Electric BusBYD
March 20, 2014First Pure-Electric Bus Pilots in Turkish MarketBYD
April 1, 2014First Zero-Emissions All-Electric Bus Launches in Rio de JaneiroBYD
April 18, 2014First Long Range, Zero-Emissions, All-Electric Bus Approved for Sales in CanadaBYD
April 28, 2014Most Efficient, Fastest SUV Unveiled Among Top Beijing Auto Show RevealsBYD
April 29, 2014California Governor Jerry Brown helps BYD showcase its breakthrough battery technology during unveiling of state’s first ever long-range electric bus factory in Lanscater, CaliforniaBYD
May 4, 2014BYD Delivers Taiwan’s First Electric Buses, Taiwan’s MiaoLi Motor Transportation Ltd Launches Zero-Emissions ServiceBYD
May 9, 2014BYD Receives Record Bus & Taxi Order, Hangzhou Mayor signs order for 3,000 new energy vehiclesBYD
May 16, 2014BYD Receives Prestigious Hong Kong Green Tech Award,Only Automotive Manufacturer to receive the 2014 “U Green Award”BYD
May 22, 2014BYD Microelectronics Transducers Prove Automotive Grade Robustness,Microelectronics in Electric Vehicles have surpassed 130 million miles over 5 years BYD
May 28, 2014Altoona Testing of First 40-foot, Zero-Emissions Electric Rapid Transit Bus is CompleteBYD
June 11, 2014Semuttran Pilot Tests BYD Pure Electric Bus in Piracicaba BrazilBYD
June 12, 2014City Introduces Electric Buses to EdmontonBYD
July 16, 2014BYD Company Announces First Factory in BrazilBYD
August 15, 2014AVTA’S Electric Bus Goes the Distance!BYD
August 15, 2014BYD’s Green Tech runs into Rio+20BYD
September 12, 2014BYD named as LowCVP Low Carbon ChampionBYD
September 12, 2014BYD Receives INOVACIDADE AWARDBYD
September 24, 2014Shenzhen Wins the C40 and Siemens City Climate Leadership AwardBYD
October 15, 2014BYD Unveils World’s Largest Battery Electric VehicleBYD
October 20, 2014BYD will test three buses in Mexican citiesBYD
November 26, 2014Come Ride The World's Largest Battery Electric Vehicle In Long BeachBYD
November 26, 2014Sydney International Airport Tests the World’s Most Popular Electric BusBYD
December 5, 2014BYD FY15 Goal Concurrence LetterBYD
December 12, 2014Macy Neshati Joins BYD as Vice President of Coach & Bus SalesBYD
January 21, 2015The BYD Tang SUV is Available for Pre-ordersBYD
January 28, 2015BYD Unveils World's First Battery Electric Coach BusBYD
February 26, 2015BYD Becomes First Chinese Auto Company to Penetrate Japanese MarketBYD
March 20, 2015Experimental Bus Makes the Rounds in RenoBYD
March 20, 2015Thai Loxley and Chinese BYD Bring Electrified Transportation into ThailandBYD
March 31, 2015BYD secures important Nottingham bus tenderBYD
April 2, 2015BYD’s Pure Electric Bus Successfully Tested in Alburrá Valley – COLOMBIABYD

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