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Revell is a brand of model kits and die cast automotive collectibles shared by two separate companies, one American and one German. To make the distinction, many Americans refer to the American company as simply "Revell" and the German brand as "Revell of Germany." After a merger of the American version of Revell with Monogram, many products were co-branded Revell-Monogram.

The ProFinish series was a series of plastic model kits with pre-painted bodies.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Revell page on 13 September 2018, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Revell is the well-known brand name today used by two distinct manufacturers of scale plastic models. The original American Revell eventually merged with Monogram. In 2007, American Revell was purchased by Hobbico. By contrast, European Revell Germany separated from the American company in 2006 until Hobbico purchased it – bringing the two back together again under the same company umbrella. In 2017, Quantum Capital Partners took over operations of Revell after Hobbico declared bankruptcy.

Lewis H. Glaser, a California entrepreneur, founded a plastics molding firm called Precision Specialties in Hollywood during 1943. The company made a variety of products contracted for different companies, the first reportedly being a small washing machine. One of the first toy-related products were HO scale (1:87) train sets, including locomotives, and a variety of cars along with buildings. The building line was extensive, including a farm group, a suburban passenger station, and a variety of utility structures. Many of these originals were reproduced later in other scales. The toy line was marketed later under the brand name Revell. Reportedly, the name Revell came from the French word reveille meaning "new beginning". The Revell logo at the time was the early relative of today's design.

In 1956, the German subsidiary, Revell Plastics GmbH, was founded in Bünde, West Germany. During the 1970s, this company started developing and manufacturing its own lines of model kits independently and outside the direct control of Revell, USA. These models were imported into the United States, and some of the newer kits earned a reputation for high quality. However, the "German" kits are now produced only in Eastern Europe or China under the German Revell label. Once known as Revell AG (private stock company), the German company has now changed to the legal form of GmbH & Co. KG (Inc./ public stock company). Revell Germany became independent after its formal separation from Revell-Monogram LLC in September 2006, but was purchased by Hobbico early in 2012, bringing both Revells back into the same company once again. While separate, the German products continued to be advertised on the American company web site, and its logo was almost identical to that of Revell in the United States. When it comes to total revenue, the German company ranked somewhat above the former American parent company.


Type & Item #NameDetails
Model Kit - H-1208'50 Austin Drag Sedan1:25 scale
Model Kit - H-1283Swindler II '41 Willys Gas Coupe1:25 scale
Model Kit - H-1324Woodstock1:25 scale "'30 Model A Ford Woody"
Model Kit - 07004Porsche Carrera RS 3.01:25 scale
Model Kit - 07131BMW 3/15 PS1:24 scale
Model Kit - 07364Ferrari 612 Scaglietti1:24 scale
Model Kit - 6263K-Mart/Havoline Indy CarSnapTite 1:32 scale 1992 Michael Andretti
Model Kit - 7100Camaro Street MachineHot Rod, 1:25 scale, 2nd Generation
Model Kit - 7122Ed McCulloch's Olds AA/FC Funny Car1:24 scale, Miller High Life
Model Kit - 7132427 Yenko SC CoupeHot Rod, 1:25 scale, 1st Generation
Model Kit - 7139'54 Chevy Panel1:25 scale, panel wagon
Model Kit - 71461967 Chevelle SS3961:25 scale
Model Kit - 7162'59 Ford GalaxieSkip's Fiesta Drive-In Series 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 7164'60 CorvetteSkip's Fiesta Drive-In Series 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 71851990 Cougar XR-71:25 scale, "Production" Version
Model Kit - 7239Chopped '34 Ford Coupe
Model Kit - 7308L.A. Sheriff's BroncoLos Angeles County Sheriff's Department, 1:25 scale, 3rd Gen
Model Kit - 7362Larry Morgan's Super Clean Olds Pro Stock1:25 scale
Model Kit - 74331991 Pontiac GTP Coupe1:25 scale
Model Kit - 74581990 Pontiac Grand Prix1:25 scale, "Aero" Version
Model Kit - 7603'69 Dodge Dart DTS1:25 scale
Die Cast - 8636Pennzoil Pontiac #30#30 Pennzoil Pontiac Grand Prix
Pre-Painted Model Kit - 383951957 Ford ThunderbirdProShop, 1:25 scale, Light Blue
Model Kit - 85-0807Firebird Street MachineCustom 1970's Firebird, Motorworks, 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-1169Whiteout Ford Mustang Mach 1Road Chill Series, 1:32 scale, SnapTite 1970
Model Kit - 85-1256'82 Corvette Collector EditionMotorworks 1:24 scale
Pre-painted Model Kit - 85-132524 Jeff Gordon Pepsi Monte CarloProFinish, 1:24 scale
Metal Body Model Kit - 85-1582American Dreams '56 ThunderbirdAqua 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-165717 Dewalt Tools Matt Kenseth 2000 TaurusProFinish, 1:24 scale, pre-painted #17 Dewalt Tools
Model Kit - 85-1968'63 Corvette Sting Ray CoupeSnap-Tite 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-2076'64 Ford Fairlane Street Machine 2 'n 1Special Edition, 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-2079'70 Buick GSXRevell Muscle, 1:24 scale, 2 in 1
Model Kit - 85-2159'98 Pontiac Firebird Ram Air 2 'n 1Motor-City Muscle, 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-2168'78 Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car1:24 scale
Model Kit - 85-2182'92 Cougar XR-7 Lowrider 3 'n 11:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-2332BMW Z81:24 scale
Model Kit - 85-23753 Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench Service Plus 2001 Monte Carlo1:24, Oreo "Shootout" Decals Included
Model Kit - 85-238035th Anniversary Camaro SS1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-239888 Dale Jarrett UPS Taurus1:24 scale
Model Kit - 85-2544'68 Corvette Roadster 2 'n 11:25 scale Stock or Hot Rod
Model Kit - 85-2572Acura Integra Type RHot Hatch Euros 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-2825John Greenwood's "Stars & Stripes" Corvette Sebring 19711:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-2866'69 Corvette CoupeCalifornia Wheels 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-2968'67 Corvette 427 RoadsterMonogram 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-2896612 Scaglietti1:24 scale
Model Kit - 85-41421998 Revell Hi-Lo O'Reilly Auto Parts Top Fuel DragsterMonogram 1:25 scale Limited Edition 1 of 12,500
Model Kit - 85-4162Orange Crate1:25 scale '32 Ford Sedan hot rod
Model Kit - 85-4202'68 Dodge Charger R/TSpecial Edition, 1:25 scale, 2n1 w/Hemified
Model Kit - 85-4204Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano1:24 scale
Model Kit - 85-4217'68 Dodge Dart Hemi1:25 scale, 2n1 w/Hemi Thunder
Model Kit - 85-4237'69 Chevy Nova "Yenko"Streetburners, 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-7621'97 Ford XLT F-150 Flareside SuperCab1:25 scale
Model Kit - 85-7627'37 Ford PickupMonogram 1:25 scale Checkers Market
Model Kit - 85-7691Chevy SSR1:25 scale
Die Cast - 86-3044Ford TruckThe Fast and The Furious, small scale red w/"The Racer's Edge"
Die Cast - 86302600290Mitsubishi EclipseThe Fast and the Furious, 1:64 scale, green w/blue graphics
Die Cast - RC189816019-11998 Goodwrench Service Plus/Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet Monte Carlo #3Revell Collection, 1:18, Dale Earnhardt
Die Cast - RRO249916019-3GM Goodwrench Service Plus/WranglerRevell Select, 1:18, Dale Earnhardt 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Model Kits

Item #SeriesNameScaleNotes
85-2498Tom Daniel's Pie Wagon1:24
85-6299Off-Road Pickup1:24

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