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French Grand Prix

Open Wheel Racing

French Grand Prix

A Formula 1 race.

Past Winners

1950Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
1951Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
1952Alberto AscariFerrari
1953Mike HawthornFerrari
1954Juan Manuel FangioMercedes
1956Peter CollinsFerrari
1957Juan Manuel FangioMaserati
1958Mike HawthornFerrari

Article Index

26 June 1906BIG AUTO RACE TO-DAYNew York Tribune
12 December 1909GRAND PRIX DOUBTFUL.The New York Times
26 March 1911More Interest is Being Shown This Year in Racing GameOmaha Daily Bee
15 August 19201920 FRENCH GRAND PRIX RACE.The New York Times
March-April 1972Here and There in Motoring's Past: Friendly RivalsPeter Helck, Antique Automobile

1950 Results

July 2, 1950

Fastest lap:  2:35.600 by Juan Manuel Fangio
5th place points shared between Philippe Etancelin and Eugene Chaboud.  Both drivers drove the car, each received 1 point.

11Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo6642:57:52.89
23Luigi FagioliAlfa Romeo464+0:25.76
319Peter WhiteheadFerrari1461+3 Laps4
413Robert ManzonSimca-Gordini4461+3 Laps3
54Philippe Etancelin/Eugene ChaboudTalbot-Lago-Talbot1659+5 Laps1/1
616Charles PozziTalbot-Lago-Talbot2656+8 Laps
72Nino FarinaAlfa Romeo255Fuel pump
85Yves Giraud CabantousTalbot-Lago-Talbot1852+12 Laps
99Pierre LeveghTalbot-Lago-Talbot2236Engine
1011Felice BonettoMaserati-Milano4014Engine
1115Johnny ClaesTalbot-Lago-Talbot4211Overheating
126Louis RosierTalbot-Lago-Talbot2010Overheating
1312Reg ParnellMaserati329Engine
147Franco RolMaserati286Engine
1514Louis ChironMaserati306Engine
1618David HampshireMaserati345Engine
1717Raymond SommerTalbot-Lago-Talbot124Overheating
181Jose Froilan GonzalezMaserati363Engine

1951 Results

July 1, 1951
Fastest lap:  2:27.800 by Juan Manuel Fangio

17Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo8773:22:11.05
26Jose Froilan GonzalezFerrari1477+0:58.23
34Luigi VilloresiFerrari1074+3 Laps4
49Reg ParnellFerrari2673+4 Laps3
52Nino FarinaAlfa Romeo273+4 Laps2
68Louis ChironTalbot-Lago-Talbot4271+6 Laps
711Yves Giraud CabantousTalbot-Lago-Talbot4671+6 Laps
814Eugene ChaboudTalbot-Lago-Talbot4469+8 Laps
919Guy MairesseTalbot-Lago-Talbot4866+11 Laps
105Consalvo SanesiAlfa Romeo658+19 Laps
111Luigi FagioliAlfa Romeo855+22 Laps4
1212Johnny ClaesTalbot-Lago-Talbot2854Accident
1313Louis RosierTalbot-Lago-Talbot4043Transmission
1410Philippe EtancelinTalbot-Lago-Talbot3837Engine
1517Aldo GordiniSimca-Gordini3627Engine
1622Harry SchellMaserati2023Overheating
1718Maurice TrintignantSimca-Gordini3211Engine
183Alberto AscariFerrari1210Gearbox
1921Andre SimonSimca-Gordini347Engine
2023Robert ManzonSimca-Gordini303Engine
2115Onofre MarimonMaserati-Milano502Engine
2216Tuolo de GraffenriedMaserati181Transmission
2320Peter WhiteheadFerrari241Engine

1952 Results

July 6, 1952
Fastest lap:  2:17.300 by Alberto Ascari

11Alberto AscariFerrari8773:00:009
22Nino FarinaFerrari1076+1 Lap6
33Piero TaruffiFerrari1275+2 Laps4
45Robert ManzonGordini274+3 Laps3
56Maurice TrintignantSimca-Gordini-Gordini4472+5 Laps2
68Peter CollinsHWM-Alta2270+7 Laps
74Jean BehraGordini470+7 Laps
818Philippe EtancelinMaserati2870+7 Laps
914Lance MacklinHWM-Alta2070+7 Laps
1010Yves Giraud CabantousHWM-Alta2468+9 Laps
1117Rudi FischerFerrari3466+11 Laps
1216Franco ComottiFerrari3863+14 Laps
137Prince BiraGordini656Axle
1415Mike HawthornCooper-Bristol4251Ignition
1512Tuolo de GraffenriedMaserati1634Brakes
1613Peter WhiteheadAlta2617Clutch
179Louis RosierFerrari1417Engine
1820Johnny ClaesSimca-Gordini-Gordini3215Engine
1911Harry SchellMaserati187Gearbox
2019Piero CariniFerrari402Engine

1953 Results

July 5, 1953
Fastest lap:  2:41.100 by Juan Manuel Fangio

17Mike HawthornFerrari16602:44:18.68
24Juan Manuel FangioMaserati1860+1.06
35Jose Froilan GonzalezMaserati2060+1.44
41Alberto AscariFerrari1060+4.63.5
56Nino FarinaFerrari1460+1:07.62
63Luigi VilloresiFerrari1260+1:15.9
79Tuolo de GraffenriedMaserati4658+2 Laps
810Louis RosierFerrari4456+4 Laps
98Onofre MarimonMaserati2255+5 Laps
1022Jean BehraGordini255+5 Laps
1112Bob GerardCooper-Bristol3855+5 Laps
1221Johnny ClaesConnaught-Francis4853+7 Laps
1317Peter CollinsHWM-Alta2852+8 Laps
1418Yves Girard CabantousHWM-Alta3050+10 Laps
1525Louis ChironOsca3243+17 Laps
162Felice BonettoMaserati2442Engine
1713Stirling MossCooper-Alta3638Clutch
1811Prince BiraConnaught-Francis4229Differential
1915Elie BayolOsca3418Engine
2014Ken WhartonCooper-Bristol4017Wheel bearing
2123Maurice TrintignantGordini414Transmission
2216Lance MacklinHWM-Alta269Clutch
2320Harry SchellGordini64Engine
2424Roberto MieresGordini84Axle
2519Roy SalvadoriConnaught-Francis502Ignition

1954 Results

July 4, 1954
Fastest lap:  2'32.900 by Hans Hermann

11Juan Manuel FangioMercedes18612:42:47.98
22Karl KlingMercedes2061+0:0.16
312Robert ManzonFerrari3460+1 Lap4
46Prince BiraMaserati4660+1 Lap3
514Luigi VilloresiMaserati1458+3 Laps2
617Jean BehraGordini2456+5 Laps
719Paul FrereGordini2850Axle
89Maurice TrintignantFerrari436Engine
95Onofre MarimonMaserati1227Gearbox
1013Louis RosierFerrari3627Engine
1111Roberto MieresMaserati1624Engine
1216Ken WhartonMaserati4219Transmission
1321Harry SchellMaserati4819Fuel pump
147Hans HerrmannMercedes2216Engine1
1510Roy SalvadoriMaserati4415Halfshaft
164Jose Froilan GonzalezFerrari213Engine
1715Lance MacklinHWM-Alta3210Engine
188Mike HawthornFerrari69Engine
1920Georges BergerGordini309Engine
2018Jacques PolletGordini268Engine
213Alberto AscariMaserati101Transmission

1956 Results

July 1, 1956
Fastest lap:  2'25.800 by Juan Manuel Fangio

13Peter CollinsFerrari14612:34:23.48
22Eugenio CastellottiFerrari1261+0:00.36
37Jean BehraMaserati461+1:29.94
41Juan Manuel FangioFerrari1061+1:35.14
5 (SHR)13Cesare PerdisaMaserati659+2 Laps1
612Louis RosierMaserati3658+3 Laps
717Paco GodiaMaserati4057+4 Laps
814Hermano da Silva RamosGordini3257+4 Laps
915Robert ManzonGordini3056+5 Laps
106Mike HawthornVanwall2456+5 Laps
1119Andre PiletteGordini3455+6 Laps
12 (RET)20Andre SimonMaserati4241Engine
13 (RET)16Piero TaruffiMaserati840Engine
14 (RET)11Olivier GendebeinFerrari4438Clutch
15 (RET)10Luigi VilloresiMaserati3823Brakes
16 (RET)9Alfonso de PortagoFerrari1620Gearbox
17 (RET)18Maurice TrintignantBugatti2818Throttle
18 (SHR)8Stirling MossMaserati212Gearbox1
19 (RET)4Harry SchellVanwall225Engine
DNSColin ChapmanVanwall26DNS

1957 Results

July 7, 1957
Fastest lap:  2'25.800 by Luigi Musso

1Juan Manuel FangioMaserati2773:07:46.48
2Luigi MussoFerrari1077+0:50.87
3Peter CollinsFerrari1277+2:06.04
4Mike HawthornFerrari1476+1 Lap3
5Harry SchellMaserati670+7 Laps2
6Jean BehraMaserati469+8 Laps
7Mike MacDowelCooper-Climax2468+9 Laps
8 (RET)Carlos MenditeguyMaserati830Engine
9 (RET)Stuart Lewis-EvansVanwall1830Steering
10 (RET)Roy SalvadoriVanwall2025Engine
11 (RET)Herbert MacKay-FraserBRM2824Transmission
12 (RET)Maurice TrintignantFerrari1623Electrical
13 (RET)Jack BrabhamCooper-Climax224Accident
14 (RET)Horace GouldMaserati304Halfshaft
15 (RET)Ron FlockhartBRM262Accident

1958 Results

July 6, 1958
Fastest lap:  2'24.900 by Mike Hawthorn

11Mike HawthornFerrari4502:03:21.38
26Stirling MossVanwall850+0:24.66
321Wolfgang von TripsFerrari650+0:59.74
48Juan Manuel FangioMaserati3450+2:30.63
54Peter CollinsFerrari4250+5:24.92
612Jack BrabhamCooper-Climax2249+1 Lap
713Phil HillMaserati3649+1 Lap
816Jo BonnierMaserati3848+2 Laps
915Gerino GeriniMaserati3247+3 Laps
1018Troy RuttmanMaserati3045+5 Laps
1114Roy SalvadoriCooper-Climax2037+13 Laps
123Harry SchellBRM1641Overheating
139Jean BehraBRM1441Fuel pump
1410Stuart Lewis-EvansVanwall1235Engine
1519Graham HillLotus-Climax2433Overheating
1611Paco GodiaMaserati4028Accident
177Maurice TrintignantBRM1823Fuel pump
185Tony BrooksVanwall1016Engine
192Luigi MussoFerrari29Accident
2017Carroll ShelbyMaserati289Engine
2120Cliff AllisonLotus-Climax266Engine

Luigi Musso was killed in his accident.  His car left the track at the Muizone Curve.

Article Index

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