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Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE International

SAE International

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A professional organization of automotive engineers founded in 1905, commonly known by the acronym SAE.  Originally known as the Society of Automobile Engineers, then the Society of Automotive Engineers, and now SAE International.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's SAE International page on 9 June 2016, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

SAE International, initially established as the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a U.S.-based, globally active professional association and standards organization for engineering professionals in various industries. Principal emphasis is placed on transport industries such as automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. SAE International coordinates the development of technical standards. The organization says these are based on best practices as identified and described by SAE committees and task forces. Task forces are composed of engineering professionals from relevant fields. SAE International has more than 138,000 members globally. Membership is granted to individuals, not through companies. Aside from its standardization efforts, SAE International also devotes resources to projects and programs in STEM education, professional certification, and collegiate design competitions.

In the early 1900s there were dozens of automobile manufacturers in the United States, and many more worldwide. Auto manufacturers and parts companies joined trade groups that promoted business. A desire to solve common technical design problems and develop engineering standards was emerging. Engineers in the automobile business expressed a desire to have "free exchange of ideas" in order to expand their individual technical knowledge base.

Two magazine publishers, Peter Heldt of The Horseless Age, and Horace Swetland of The Automobile were advocates of the concepts for SAE. Heldt wrote an editorial in June 1902 in which he said, "Now there is a noticeable tendency for automobile manufacturers to follow certain accepted lines of construction, technical questions constantly arise which seek solution from the cooperation of the technical men connected with the industry. These questions could best be dealt with by a technical society. The field of activity for this society would be the purely technical side of automobiles."

Horace Swetland wrote on automotive engineering concerns, and became an original SAE officer. About two years after Heldt's editorial, the Society of Automobile Engineers was founded in New York City. Four officers and five managing officers volunteered. In 1905 Andrew L. Riker served as president, and Henry Ford served as the society's first vice president. The initial membership was engineers with annual dues of US$10.

Over the first 10 years SAE membership grew steadily, and the society added full-time staff and began to publish a technical journal and a comprehensive compilation of technical papers, previously called SAE Transactions, which still exist today in the form of SAE International's Journals. By 1916 SAE had 1,800 members. At the annual meeting that year, representatives from the American Society of Aeronautic Engineers, the Society of Tractor Engineers, as well as representatives from the power boating industry made a pitch to SAE for oversight of technical standards in their industries. Aeronautics was a fledgling industry at that time. Early supporters of the concept of a society to represent aeronautical engineers were Thomas Edison, Glenn Curtiss, Glenn Martin, and Orville Wright.

Out of the meeting in 1916 came a new organization, to represent engineers in all types of mobility-related professions. SAE member Elmer Sperry created the term "automotive" from Greek autos (self), and Latin motivus (of motion) origins to represent any form of self powered vehicle. The Society of Automobile Engineers became the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Charles Kettering presided over SAE during World War I and saw membership pass the 5,000 mark. During this time, SAE emphasized the importance of developing member activity through local chapters - called Sections. After World War II, the Society established links with other standards bodies and automotive engineering societies worldwide, and since then has founded sections in countries including: Brazil, India, China, Russia, Romania, and Egypt. By 1980, membership surpassed 35,000 and over the next two decades the society, like the industries and individuals it serves, became larger, more global, more diverse, and more electronic.

As of 2010, the society serves more than 120,000 members, with more than a quarter from outside of North America.

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1996 BookTires and Handling (SAE PT-59) edited by Ellis Johnson; Society of Automotive Engineers


DateDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
1916Automobile Nomenclature
Including Names of Car Parts and Items of Terminology
Topic Page - 24 pages
Compilation: First Half 1922The Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers
- 40.3MB - 548 pages
Compilation: Second Half 1922The Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers
- 41.8MB - 565 pages

Article Index

26 December 1909AUTO ENGINEERS TO MEET.The New York Times
6 May 1920JOHNSON WINS TWO BOUTSThe New York Times
26 February 1998Secretary of Transportation Rodney E. Slater Society of Automotive EngineersFederal Register: USDOT (Rodney E. Slater)
6 March 2000U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Visits SAE Congress, Highlights Transportation InnovationFHWA
15 May 2001Remarks Prepared for Secretary Mineta, Society of Automotive Engineers 2001 Government/Industry MeetingNorman Y. Mineta
22 February 2003SwRI®-led team awarded SAE Arch T. Colwell Merit AwardSouthwest Research Institute
7 January 2005Society of Automotive Engineers (SAEINDIA) launches Bangalore ChapterSAE India
6 January 2006They're Back: Behr Returns to 2006 SAE World CongressBehr America
2 January 2014Top Bidder of SAE Foundation Auction Takes Delivery of First 2014 Cadillac CTS VsportSAE International
8 January 2014Journalists Invited to Attend SAE International Government/Industry Meeting – Jan. 22-24SAE International
6 January 2015Journalists Invited to Attend SAE International On-Board Diagnostics Symposium in Stuttgart, GermanySAE International
8 January 2015SAE International to Honor Four Toyota Engineers with Award for Research on Automotive Lubricants during 2015 World CongressSAE International
3 August 2015SAE International’s Applied Vehicle Dynamics Course Wins Innovation AwardSAE International
3 August 2015Save the Date: DOD Maintenance Symposium to Be Held Dec. 7-10, 2015 in PhoenixSAE International
4 August 2015Temperatures Are High: Be Cautious of What or Who is Left in Parked CarsSAE International
30 November 2015SAE International to Host Global Discussion on the Foundation Standard for Automotive CybersecuritySAE International
2 December 2015SAE International Names GM Employee David Antanaitis Winner of Arch T. Colwell AwardSAE International
2 December 2015SAE International to Host Global Discussion on the Foundation Standard for Automotive CybersecuritySAE International
7 December 2015SAE International Honors Dr. Bruce Donnelly with Arnold W. Siegel International Transportation Safety AwardSAE International
8 December 2015SAE International Book Explores How Biocomposites Help Address Fuel Vehicle Consumption ChallengesSAE International
9 December 2015SAE Foundation Names Ford Motor Company’s Mark Fields 2016 Industry Leadership AwardeeSAE International
10 December 2015SAE International Honors Three Mobility Engineering Professionals with Arch T. Colwell AwardSAE International
11 December 2015Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia Brings SAE International AWIM Program to Troup County School SystemSAE International
14 December 2015New SAE International Book Explores Developments in the Next Step in Mild Hybrid Vehicles – 48-Volt TechnologySAE International
16 December 2015SAE International Company ETI Announces the Release of its New Ultimate Pocket Guide for ISO StandardsSAE International
4 January 2016SAE International Honors Dynax Engineer Shahjada Pahlovy with Subir Chowdhury Medal of Quality LeadershipSAE International
5 January 2016Vehicle On-Board Diagnostics Trends and Technologies the Topics of SAE International Symposium in StuttgartSAE International
12 January 2016Journalists Invited to Attend SAE International 2016 Government/Industry Conference in Washington, D.C.SAE International
13 January 2016SAE International Symposium Will Explore Latest Trends and Strategies in Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control TechnologiesSAE International
19 January 2016SAE International Publishes First-Ever Guidebook for Vehicle CybersecuritySAE International
20 January 2016Speaker Lineup for First Day of SAE 2016 Government/Industry MeetingSAE International
21 January 2016SAE International to Host 2016 Hybrid and Electric Technologies Symposium in Anaheim, CaliforniaSAE International
22 January 2016New SAE International Book Explores How Designing for Reliability Minimizes Potential Automotive Network and Communications FaultsSAE International
22 January 2016SAE 2016 Convergence Slated for September in Novi, Mich. – Ford to Provide Executive LeadershipSAE International
25 January 2016SAE International Honors 11 Mobility Engineering Professionals with Isbrant Automotive Safety AwardSAE International
25 January 2016SAE International’s “A World in Motion” to Host Literacy Night for Metro Nashville Public SchoolsSAE International
26 January 2016Meet SAE International's New Automotive Vice President - Carla BailoSAE International
28 January 2016SAE International Publishes New Edition of Best-selling Book on Vehicle AerodynamicsSAE International
2 February 2016SAE 2016 World Congress Mobile App Lets Attendees Learn, Plan, Schedule and ConnectSAE International
3 February 2016New SAE International Book Examines Fusing Aluminum in Multi-Material Lightweight VehiclesSAE International
4 February 2016Influences on Future Vehicle – SAE 2016 World Congress Tech Hub is the Place for Innovation in Mobility EngineeringSAE International
9 February 2016New SAE International Book Explores Developments in the Next Step in Mild Hybrid Vehicles – 48-Volt TechnologySAE International
16 February 2016SAE International Becomes First U.S. Based Organization to Offer a Full Continuum of PreK – College STEM ProgrammingSAE International
17 February 2016SAE International Announces Toyota Motor Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada to be Featured Speaker at SAE 2016 World Congress Annual BanquetSAE International
23 February 2016SAE International Appoints Mark Chung as New Chief Marketing OfficerSAE International
24 February 2016SAE International Honors GM’s Larry Nitz with Edward N. Cole Award for Automotive Engineering InnovationSAE International
24 February 2016SAE International Invites Journalists to Attend SAE 2016 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium in Stuttgart, GermanySAE International
25 February 2016SAE International Announces Slate of Professional Development Courses for 2016 World CongressSAE International
26 February 2016SAE International Announces Three New Courses to Its 2016 World Congress Professional Development ScheduleSAE International
29 February 2016SAE International Announces Lineup of Keynote Speaker for Its Premier Automotive Engineering Event – SAE World CongressSAE International
1 March 2016New SAE International Presentation Explores Radar Systems in Autonomous VehiclesSAE International
1 March 2016SAE 2017 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition to be held in Conjunction with NOISE-CON 2017SAE International
3 March 2016SAE International Symposium Will Feature Latest Advances and Innovations in 3D Printing and Associated TechnologiesSAE International
8 March 2016SAE International White Paper Offers a Glimpse into Vehicle Electronics and Connectivity 40 Years into the FutureSAE International
9 March 2016Journalists Invited to Attend SAE 2016 World Congress – the Ultimate Venue for Automotive Technology TrendsSAE International
10 March 2016SAE International Increasing STEM Education Awareness on World Pi Day, March 14, With the SAE Foundation Pi(e) ChallengeSAE International
10 March 2016SAE International Offers Infographic Series on Automotive Standards for Connected TransportationSAE International
14 March 2016Coca-Cola Director, OSU Vice President and Microsoft Exec Will Speak to Young Professionals at SAE World CongressSAE International
15 March 2016New SAE International Presentation Studies Use of FTIR Spectroscopy in Automotive Adhesive AnalysisSAE International
16 March 2016Journalists Invited to Attend SAE 2016 World Congress – the Ultimate Venue for Automotive Technology TrendsSAE International
18 March 2016Ford Chief Technical Officer Raj Nair Named Banquet Keynote Speaker for SAE International 2016 Convergence ConferenceSAE International
22 March 2016SAE International 2016 World Congress Career Fair Offers Opportunities for Mobility ProfessionalsSAE International
28 March 2016Middle School Students Set to Take Part in SAE International’s AWIM Motorized Toy Car Competition during SAE 2016 World CongressSAE International
30 March 2016Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin to Speak about Emerging National Security Cyber Threats at SAE 2016 World CongressSAE International
31 March 2016SAE International Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress to Feature Symposia on Autonomous Vehicles, GHG TechnologySAE International
31 March 2016SAE International Launches Two New Technical Standards that Will Play a Key Role in NHTSA’s Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) RulemakingSAE International
6 April 2016Journalists Invited to Attend SAE 2016 World Congress – the Ultimate Venue for Automotive Technology TrendsSAE International
6 April 2016SAE International Honors FCA Vice President Bob Lee with Franz F. Pischinger Powertrain Innovation AwardSAE International
12 April 2016SAE Digital Library Re-launches as SAE MOBILUS™ – The Destination for Mobility Engineering ResourcesSAE International
14 April 2016Toyota Motor N.A. Inspires K-College Students with a $1 Million Gift to SAE International’s AWIM ‘LearnTwice” STEM InitiativesSAE International
15 April 2016Afton Chemical Presents at SAE 2016 World Congress and Exhibition in Detroit, MichiganSAE International
20 April 2016SAE Institute Los Angeles to Host 2016 Annual Music Technology Event, IMSTA FESTASAE International
21 April 2016New SAE International Presentation Explores Use of Lightweight Materials in VehiclesSAE International
27 April 2016SAE International Announces 2016 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium, Slated for September in IndianapolisSAE International
28 April 2016SAE International Publishes New Edition of Best-selling Book on Vehicle AerodynamicsSAE International
4 May 2016SAE International Symposium to Explore Technologies and Regulations for Vehicle Thermal Management SystemsSAE International
9 May 2016Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles the Subject of New SAE International Symposium – U.S. DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Slated as Keynote SpeakerSAE International
10 May 2016Keynote Speakers from Shell Global Systems and Corning will Highlight the SAE International Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants MeetingSAE International
11 May 2016Patti Engineering Sponsors Hope College Engineering Racing Team Enter the Michigan Formula SAE SeriesSAE International
16 May 2016SAE 2016 World Congress Features Global Thought Leaders; Helps Power the Possibilities in Automotive EngineeringSAE International
17 May 2016SAE International Approves TIR J2954 for PH/EV Wireless ChargingSAE International
19 May 2016SAE International and Carnegie Mellon University Discuss Vehicle Cybersecurity Issues and Challenges During Day-Long SeminarSAE International
20 May 2016SAE Foundation to Honor Mark Fields at Annual Celebration May 24 in Detroit – Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to SpeakSAE International
26 May 2016SAE International Brings Students and Professionals Together to Identify Automotive Cybersecurity ChallengesSAE International
31 May 2016SAE International Publishes TIR J2954 for PH/EV Wireless ChargingSAE International
1 June 2016SAE 2016 Convergence Technical Program to Feature Three Expert Panel Discussions on Innovation, Supply Chain, and BusinessSAE International
1 June 2016SAE International to Present Symposium on Applications and Integration of Augmented and Virtual Reality TechnologiesSAE International
3 June 2016New SAE International Presentation Explores Reducing Automotive Noise Through Anti-Friction CoatingsSAE International
6 June 2016SAE International Names Mitsubishi Senior Manager Stephane Thiriez General Chair for 2017 Government/Industry MeetingSAE International
7 June 2016Registration Now Open for SAE International Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Symposium in Gothenburg, SwedenSAE International
9 June 2016SAE International Honors Professor Rolf Reitz of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the John Johnson Award for Outstanding Research in Diesel EnginesSAE International
10 June 2016Balancing Regulations and Customer Expectations the Topics of Executive Panel at SAE International Powertrains and Fuels MeetingSAE International
10 June 2016SAE International Honors Nine Engineering Professionals with Environmental Excellence in Transportation AwardSAE International
14 June 2016New SAE International Book Explores Developments in the Next Step in Mild Hybrid Vehicles – 48-Volt TechnologySAE International
15 June 2016SAE International/JSAE to Host Small Engine Technology Conference this November in Charleston, S.C.SAE International
16 June 2016New SAE International Presentation Explores the Use of Virtual Hardware ECUs in the Automotive Supply ChainSAE International
22 June 2016SAE International Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress to Feature Four Executive Panels Covering Telematics, Internet of Things, Connectivity and V2I/V2V TechnologiesSAE International
24 June 2016SAE International Announces Keynote Speakers for New Symposium on Electric Vehicle Range ExpansionSAE International
29 June 2016SAE International Honors GM Senior Engineer Rosana Hull with Bill Agnew Award for Outstanding AWIM VolunteersSAE International
5 July 2016Deufol Helps Engineering Students Race to the Finish Line in SAE Engineering CompetitionSAE International
7 July 2016SAE International Announces Symposium to Discuss Emissions Control for Light Duty VehiclesSAE International
11 July 2016Innospec to Sponsor Fuel Systems Deposit Workshop Following SAE International Powertrain, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting in BaltimoreSAE International
26 July 2016SAE International Releases Fourth Biennial Mobility Engineering Professionals Salary Survey and Calculator – SAE Members Earn More than Non-MembersSAE International
27 July 2016SAE International Issues “Call for Papers” for 2017 World Congress and ExhibitionSAE International
28 July 2016SAE Convergence Registration Now OpenSAE International
4 August 2016SAE International Event to Offer Latest in Braking and Brake Systems Technologies – Sept. 25-28 in Scottsdale, ArizonaSAE International
9 August 2016Daimler Trucks North America LLC Chief Operating Officer Roger Nielsen Named Keynote Speaker for SAE 2016 Commercial Vehicle Engineering CongressSAE International
10 August 2016Media Registration Open for SAE International 2016 Convergence – Oct. 19-21 in Novi, MichiganSAE International
11 August 2016SAE 2016 Convergence Offers Professional Development Seminars on Automotive Wireless Communications and Autonomous Positioning SystemsSAE International
15 August 2016SAE International and DIN Announce Agreement to Publish SAE Autonomous Vehicle Definition Standard in GermanSAE International
16 August 2016SAE 2016 Convergence Keynote Speakers AnnouncedSAE International
18 August 2016Ercan M. Dede, Toyota Research Institute of North America and F. Zafar Shaikh, Ford Motor Company Named Keynote Speakers for SAE 2016 Thermal Management Systems SymposiumSAE International
18 August 2016Journalists Invited to Attend SAE 2016 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress – October 4-6 in Rosemont, Ill./a>SAE International
29 September 2016SuperTruck Technical Panel on the Agenda for SAE 2016 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress in Rosemont, Ill.SAE International
5 October 2016SAE 2016 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium Focuses on the Future of AR/VRSAE International
14 October 2016SAE International Announces Line-up of New Ground Vehicle Engineering BooksSAE International
14 October 2016SAE International Honors Richard Mihelic with L. Ray Buckendale Lecture AwardSAE International
21 October 2016SAE International to Host Symposium on Automated Driving Technologies in Munich, GermanySAE International
27 October 2016SAE International and ISO Announce Agreement to Develop Technical Standards for Road Vehicles and Intelligent Vehicle SystemsSAE International
24 January 2017SAE International to Honor Two NASCAR Safety Experts with Isbrandt Award During SAE Government/Industry MeetingSAE International
28 March 2017WCX17: SAE World Congress Experience to Feature Compelling Women’s ProgramSAE International
21 February 2018SAE International Launches Fully Redesigned Website – Changes and Enhancements Driven by User FeedbackSAE International
5 October 2018SAE International Announces Highlights from the COMVEC™ Technology ConnectionSAE International
2 August 2019MEDIA ALERT: SAE International Convenes Experts from Ford, Zoox, DRiV Incorporated and KBAutosys to Address the Future of Brake System DesignSAE International
17 November 2020Mobility Industry to Congregate Online for SAE International’s ADAS to Automated Driving Digital SummitSAE International

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