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Articles Index

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Articles, for the purpose of organizing The Crittenden Automotive Library, are individual texts published in a fixed form on a specific date (continually-edited encyclopedic articles are not included). They may include video, audio, or photographic elements, but items that are solely or primarily multimedia and don't have significant corresponding text will be placed in the appropriate locations on related Topic Pages.

The various types of articles republished in The Crittenden Automotive Library include news articles, press releases, commentaries, opinion columns, transcripts of press conferences & speeches, blog posts, excepted speeches from daily legislative records, and articles from scholarly research publications and legal bulletins.

Links to the Main Chronological Archive of all of the articles in The Crittenden Automotive Library appears below and on the Home Page, except for a few undated articles for which an exact date of publication cannot be determined.

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There are thousands of articles on CarsAndRacingStuff.com that don't yet appear in the lists of articles since they're in image-format scans as part of newsletters and magazines. We're working on transcribing these into text, manually due to errors using computer-generated optical character recognition (OCR), but due to the large volume of material this won't be completed any time soon. Check out the Publications Index to browse these!

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You can begin a news or commentary blog here at CarsAndRacingStuff.com to build a following among our readers or you can leave your archives with us for permanent preservation as you're exiting the business. Oh, and even though this is the Articles page we have to mention that any type of automotive content is welcome, including photos, video, etc.

Main Chronological Archive

2 weeks, 4 days & 3:03:52
3 weeks, 3 days & 1:21:10
202 sets
844,247 pages
11,841 documents

2,443 articles | 7:05 | 4,808 pages in 139 documents

30,579 articles | 302:20:06 | 319:35:22 | 132,209 pages in 3,567 documents

14,137 articles | 22:11:41 | 249:59:30 | 271,005 pages in 4,085 documents

1,156 articles | 14:55:31 | 92,692 pages in 1,463 documents

48 articles | 9:46:48 | 22,467 pages in 251 documents

118 articles | 3:49:55 | 15,650 pages in 274 documents

62 articles | 8:27:20 | 8,235 pages in 368 documents

71 articles | 24:27:10 | 6,441 pages in 297 documents

14 articles | 14:36:01 | 1:37:12 | 2,216 pages in 125 documents

24 articles | 23:01:47 | 298 pages in 19 documents

505 articles | 2:44:00 | 43,592 pages in 85 documents

369 articles | 1:09:22 | 4:22:07 | 115,231 pages in 195 documents

390 articles | 60,404 pages in 118 documents

33 articles | 2,042 pages in 227 documents

Article and Document counts updated 19 August 2021.

Major Collections

Government Agencies & Publications
Congressional Record  The official transcript of United States Congress, published daily.1 January 1989 - 8 February 1989
25 June 2015 - 6 August 2015
Federal Bureau of Investigation/U.S. Attorney Press Releases  The FBI is part of the United States Department of Justice and is the government agency responsible for federal law enforcement investigations. This collection includes a large number of press releases from U.S. Attorney Offices sent out on the FBI website.1 January 2009 - 3 March 2021
Federal Highway Administration Press Releases  The FHWA is the United States government agency responsible for administering the Interstate Highway System, the Federal-Aid Highway Program, and the Federal Lands Highway Program.1 January 1998 - 29 July 2021
Federal Register  The official journal of United States government regulatatory actions published daily by the National Archives & Records Administration.1 January 1936 - 23 March 1936
1 January 1994 - 31 May 1994
1 January 1998 - 26 March 1998
30 August 2010 - 26 November 2011
16 July 2012 - 1 March 2013
15 June 2013 - 14 March 2021
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Press Releases  The NHTSA is the United States government agency responsible for motor vehicle safety standards.1 January 1998 - 25 August 2020
New Mexico Department of Transportation Press Releases1 January 2012 - 11 March 2021
Publications & Websites
DriveWrite AutomotiveMay 2013 - February 2014
The New York TimesJanuary-July 1900
December 1909
April 1914
18 November - 31 December 1922
PRWebNovember 1999 - 31 December 2004
11 March 2021 - 22 March 2021
SpeedmonkeyJune 2012 - 23 January 2020
Voice of America NewsDecember 2009 - 19 January 2019
(partial coverage back to 2003)
Wikinews English2005 - 10 June 2020
Wikinews German2005 - October 2014
Wikinews SerbianJune 2013 - January 2016
Wikinews Spanish2005 - January 2018
The Woodstock Advocate15 April 2007 - 25 March 2020
Motorsports Teams, Racing Series, and Motorsports PR Agencies
Bryan Herta AutosportMarch 2009 - November 2014
Ed Carpenter Racing6 March 2012 - 13 October 2014
Knight Motorsports Management8 December 2010 - 30 August 2017
Mid-American Stock Car SeriesMay 2006 - April 2015
Bill CrittendenDecember 2005 - 1 November 2020
Colin & Matt HubbardJune 2012 - 23 January 2020
Chris Knight1 May 2007 - 30 August 2017
Geoff MaxtedMay 2013 - February 2014
Gus Philpott15 April 2007 - 25 March 2020

Articles in Languages Other than English

Arabic - العربية
Bulgarian - български
Catalan - Català
Chinese - 中国语言
Croatian - Hrvatska
French - Français
German - Deutsch
Italian - Italiano
Japanese - 日本人
Portuguese - Português
Russian - русский
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Spanish - Español


Funny or weird news and sample articles from historically important events. Note that many of these articles may have several updates, commentaries, or other articles related to the event. Go to the Topic Pages related to the article's topics for links to more articles if they are available.

5 January 1853An Air-Line in Broadway. (the oldest article in The Crittenden Automotive Library)The New York Times
2 September 1894CASIMIR-PERIER AT HOME (article excerpt about steam-powered stagecoaches being used to deliver goods from stores to customers)The New York Times
14 June 1895Race of Carriages Without Horses.The New York Times
17 June 1895WAGONS TO BE RUN BY GAS (descriptions of very early automobiles)The New York Times
16 July 1895PLOTTING AGAINST HORSES (descriptions of very early automobiles)The New York Times
6 May 1897TOPICS OF THE TIMES. (criticism of the terms "automobile" and "horseless carriage")The New York Times
19 January 1900AN AUTOMOBILE RUNS WILDThe New York Times
13 July 1900A LUNCH WAGON TRUST: Will Construct Sandwiches and Pies, and Build Automobiles.The New York Times
26 July 1900AUTOS SPED ON RACE TRACK. (first racetrack race in the United States)The New York Times
1 October 1901MOTOR CARS AND BULLFIGHTS.The New York Times
5 March 1902NATIONAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB. (formation of the AAA)The New York Times
30 November 1902Gasoline Motor's Fast Mile. (Barney Oldfield sets circle track record of 1:02)The New York Times
17 May 1903NEW AUTOMOBILE LAW DIVIDES THE EXPERTS (early drivers' licensing law)The New York Times
30 August 1903Automobile Topics of Interest (first automobile to reach the Arctic Circle)The New York Times
27 August 1905WOMAN AUTO DRIVER SCORES TWO VICTORIES (an early reference to women driving race cars)The New York Times
28 December 1908General Motors Co. Starts Rumor AnewThe New York Times
8 February 1909INDIANA'S AUTO SPEEDWAY (construction of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway)The New York Times
6 June 1909The Automobile as a Civilizer.John North Willys
19 December 1909RUNAWAY ACCIDENT FATAL.The New York Times
16 October 1910History of Automobile Racing in AmericaFred J. Wagner
31 May 1911Harroun Only One Sure of His Place (postrace from the Inaugural Indianapolis 500)Indianapolis News
6 October 1913WOMAN CAPITALIZES POVERTY AND AUTOThe Washington Herald
4 June 1914SECT BANS AUTOMOBILE. (German Baptists ban automobiles for members--at a meeting with 956 cars in the parking area!)The New York Times
4 August 1915Rickenbacker in Elgin Races. (an early note on Eddie Rickenbacker's auto racing career, he would go on to become America's greatest WWI flying ace)The New York Times
5 December 1915TWENTY CAR-PACKED YEARS. (a very early history of the automobile)The New York Times
6 March 1922Dog Catcher Asphyxiates Canines With His FlivverThe Washington Herald
23 November 1922KILLED BY HIS OWN CAR.The New York Times
1 December 1922IGNORANCE COSTS HIS LIFE.The New York Times
21 December 1922WARNS SPEEDER FROM AIR.The New York Times
30 December 1922JUDGE TRIES OUT CAR, SPEEDER LOSES CASEWashington Times
21 August 2001NASCAR Media Conference (regarding the death of Dale Earnhardt)Mike Helton
26 October 2002Help for Gephyrophobes Mary Saner
13 March 2003No Nuclear Car Insurance? Nuked Autos Will Buy Your Car!Nuked Autos
19 June 2003NASCAR Media Conference (announcing the Winston Cup change to the Nextel Cup)Tim Donahue
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Brian France
Bill France
29 March 2005Lorry drops thirteen tonnes of fish in British townWikinews
15 April 2005Last British volume car manufacturer closes down (the end of MG)Wikinews
6 May 2005Pope Benedict's Car Fetches More Than $244,000 in Online AuctionVoice of America
17 June 2005British motorists showered with cash on motorwayWikinews
19 June 2005Michelin's tyre mistake sends US Formula One Grand Prix into farceWikinews
8 July 2005Thirteen people died in London bus bombingWikinews
3 August 2005Speeding ticket paid with 12,000 penniesWikinews
11 August 2005Truck carrying explosives crashes, explodes in UtahWikinews
18 August 2005Iraqi gasoline is the cheapest in the world at $.05 per gallonWikinews
8 October 2005Robotic cars successfully complete 132-mile DARPA Grand Challenge raceWikinews
11 January 2006Seven-year old Tennessee boy chased by policeWikinews
19 January 2006Dog falls on car and kills driver in MichiganWikinews
14 February 2006Police embarrassed after car stolen from stationWikinews
13 March 2006Chicago requires blind students to take driver's educationWikinews
16 May 2006Australian man caught driving with no licence twice in one dayWikinews
20 May 2006Sydney off-ramp to charge $1.20 for 200m driveWikinews
12 June 200610-year-old child takes grandmother's car for 85 Km driveWikinews
26 June 2006Australian man arrested after dragging dead possum behind carWikinews
27 June 2006Drunk woman hits police car in SydneyWikinews
3 July 2006Teenager faces murder charges after throwing a brick at motorwayWikinews
8 July 2006Funeral hearse caught speeding in IrelandWikinews
4 August 2006Car crash enrages beesWikinews
29 August 2006U.S. commuter blows up section of Washington D.C. BridgeWikinews
9 September 2006Truck crashes through downtown Toronto sink holeWikinews
9 April 2007New York couple taking taxi to ArizonaWikinews
22 May 2007California senator opposed to cell-phones involved in cell-phone related crashWikinews
7 June 2007Switzerland lifts ban on motor racingWikinews
13 June 2007NASCAR's Earnhardt Jr Signs 5-year Contract with Hendrick MotorsportsWikinews
21 June 2007Transit chief apologises to girls kicked off bus for kissingWikinews
2 August 2007Highway bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapses Wikinews
4 August 2007Südafrikanische Polizei stoppt Taxi mit 23 Ziegen (South African Police stop Taxi with 23 Goats) Wikinews
13 August 2007Verkehrsunfall: 300 Hühner verendet (Truck Crash: 300 Chickens Escape) Wikinews
16 August 2007Zimbabwe man steals bus for transport to pick up driving licenceWikinews
24 August 2007British driver admits driving at 172 mphWikinews
3 September 2007Toads cause traffic jam on British Columbia highwayWikinews
10 September 2007Over 30 killed in Mexico dynamite truck explosionWikinews
31 October 2007Britain's top traffic cop faces driving banWikinews
5 January 20082008 Dakar Rally cancelled over terrorist threatWikinews
17 January 2008Four paparazzi members arrested after chasing Britney Spears' carWikinews
8 May 2008Angry driver takes out cyclist packWikinews
1 July 2008Truck carrying 12 million bees overturns in New BrunswickWikinews
23 July 2008Rhode Island man arrested with record blood-alcohol readingWikinews
28 August 2008Phil Hill, first American to win the Formula One championship, dies at age 81Wikinews
18 September 2008Man pulls a 126,292-pound truck over 137 feet, sets world recordWikinews
23 October 2008Australian police commander caught speeding at 175 kphWikinews
3 December 2008Car accident was an act of God, says driverWikinews
5 December 2008Solar car travels around the worldWikinews
5 December 2008University's lion mascot out like a lamb after DUIWikinews
20 December 2008US government gives automakers $17.4 billion in bail-out loansWikinews
8 January 2009Princess Beatrice's unlocked BMW stolenWikinews
15 February 2009Woman with world's longest fingernails loses them in car crashWikinews
19 February 2009Ireland's most-wanted traffic offender unmaskedWikinews
14 March 2009Heckenschütze bedroht Hessische Neuwagentransporte (Sniper Attacks New Cars on Transporters) Wikinews
24 March 2009World's cheapest car launched in India, will go on sale in April (Tata Nano)Wikinews
1 April 2009Southern California auto maker announces fully-electric sedan (Tesla Model S)Wikinews
1 May 2009Chrysler files for bankruptcy, Fiat Group SpA to run companyWikinews
7 May 2009Porsche and Volkswagen automakers agree to mergerWikinews
14 May 2009U.S. automaker Chrysler wants to eliminate 789 dealershipsWikinews
15 May 2009U.S. automaker GM plans to close 1,100 dealershipsWikinews
1 June 2009U.S. manufacturer General Motors seeks bankruptcy protectionWikinews
6 September 2009Corks fly in wine truck fire in Wyoming, USWikinews
17 September 2009Driver fined after following sat-nav to edge of cliff in West Yorkshire, EnglandWikinews
6 November 2009Stolen minibus recovered 35 years after theftWikinews
18 November 2009Illinois tollway worker jailed for stealing finesWikinews
7 January 2010Swiss millionaire gets record speeding fineWikinews
9 January 2010Uleteo vozilom u restoran pa naručio doručak (91-year old driver crashes through restaurant window, then orders breakfast) Викивести
15 January 2010Eleven year-old driver kills family in collisionWikinews
25 January 2010Man caught driving 111 kph over limit in AustraliaWikinews
23 February 2010Toyota accused of misleading public over recallsWikinews
13 March 2010Agency: New York City taxi cab drivers overcharged riders by $8.3 millionWikinews
6 April 2010Toyota fined $16 million by US government over recallsWikinews
11 April 2010Australian Muslim killed by her hijab in go-carting accidentWikinews
7 June 2010San Francisco hit-and-run suspect caught after lyingWikinews
27 July 2010Chip Ganassi makes American motor sports historyWikinews
31 July 2010US President Barack Obama test drives Chevy Volt in MichiganWikinews
7 August 2010Welsh policemen smash 70-year-old's SUV windowsWikinews
27 October 2010Rollstuhlfahrer wird zum Geisterfahrer (87-year old in a wheelchair drives it onto the autobahn...in the wrong direction) Wikinews
10 November 2010Czech Republic Minister of Transport banned from drivingWikinews
4 December 2010„Wetten dass..?“ abgebrochen: Kandidat springt in fahrendes Auto (someone gets hurt jumping over cars for a German television program) Wikinews
26 January 2011Toyota recalls 1.7m cars after new concernsWikinews
24 February 2011Bahrain Grand Prix cancelled amid political turmoil Wikinews
25 May 2011Accident Turns New Zealand Truck Driver into Human BalloonVOA Breaking News
29 May 2011Fiat plans to buy majority stake in ChryslerWikinews
22 October 2011Chinese girl who was hit and run by two drivers, ignored by eighteen people, diesWikinews
22 November 2011ثعبان كبير يثير الذعر ويعرقل حركة المرور في الإمارات (escaped snake blocks traffic in UAE)ويكي الأخبار
3 December 2011'Have them all shot': BBC gets 21,000+ complaints over Jeremy Clarkson's public sector striker commentsWikinews
23 April 2012Texas 'roadeo' lets school bus drivers show their mettleWikinews
2 July 2012Autofahrer rast in Polizeigebäude (driver rams police station) Wikinews
17 July 201242 years later, Texas man locates stolen carWikinews
29 February 2016Donald J. Trump Endorsed by NASCAR CEO and DriversDonald J. Trump for President, Inc.
25 May 2016Bees Follow Car for 2 Days to Save Queen VOA News
15 July 2016Truck Attack Kills 84 in France VOA News
12 June 2017Man Attempts to Rob Northeast Albuquerque Bank in Drive-Thru LaneFBI Albuquerque

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