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Pescara Grand Prix

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Open Wheel Racing

Pescara Grand Prix

A former Formula 1 race.

August 18, 1957Stirling MossVanwall1957 Race Information & Results

1957 Results

August 18, 1957
Fastest lap:  9:44.600 by Stirling Moss

12Stirling MossVanwall26182:59:22.79
21Juan Manuel FangioMaserati218+3:13.96
35Harry SchellMaserati618+6:46.84
47Masten GregoryMaserati1418+8:16.53
58Stuart Lewis-EvansVanwall3017+1 Lap2
610Giorgio ScarlattiMaserati817+1 Lap
716Jack BrabhamCooper-Climax2415+3 Laps
8 (RET)3Luigi MussoFerrari349Oil leak
9 (RET)12Paco GodiaMaserati109Engine
10 (RET)14Bruce HalfordMaserati209Transmission
11 (RET)9Jo BonnierMaserati167Overheating
12 (RET)4Jean BehraMaserati43Oil leak
13 (RET)15Roy SalvadoriCooper-Climax223Accident
14 (RET)6Tony BrooksVanwall281Engine
15 (RET)11Horace GouldMaserati180Accident
16 (RET)13Luigi PiottiMaserati120Engine

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