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Vehicle Manufacturer

Manufacturer of sports cars and a sports SUV started in 1939 and based in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Model names used by Porsche currently and through history include:  #1, 356, 356SL, 356 Speedster, 356B, 356C, 550, 908/2, 908/3, 911, 911 Carrera, 911 GT1, 911 Targa, 914, 917, 917K, 917LH, 918 Spyder, 924, 928, 930, 935, 944, 956, 959, 962, Boxster, Carrera GT, Cayenne, Cayman, Macan, Panamera, and WSC-95.

Reference Desk
Porsche Legends by Randy Leffingwell (2003)

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1900  Lohner-Porsche electric car built
1948  First Porsche sports car built, the #1
1951  Porsche's first victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans
1953  550 debuts
1955  Porsche logo designed
1961  911 body designed
1966  911 Targa debuts
1969  914 debuts
1981  AWD 911 concept debuts at Frankfort Auto Show
1996  Boxster debuts
2002  Cayenne debuts


Porsche JM http://www.logodesignweb.com/stockphoto
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Article Index

Feburary 14, 2006The Porsche® tradition of quality PerformanceChris Casarez
November 18, 2006Christian Wulff will Einfluss von Porsche auf VW zurückdrängenWikinews
November 20, 2006Jüttner fordert Rückzug Wulffs aus dem VW-AufsichtsratWikinews
March 24, 2007Porsche will seine Anteile bei VW auf über 30 Prozent aufstockenWikinews
May 8, 2007VW Investors Turn Down Porsche's Low-Ball OfferAnthony Fontanelle
May 12, 2007VW-Führungsgremien empfehlen den Aktionären die Ablehnung des Porsche-ÜbernahmeangebotsWikinews
October 24, 2007Фольксваген может перейти под контроль ПоршеВикиновости
March 14, 2008Porsche kämpft mit dem Land Niedersachsen um Einfluss bei VWWikinews
May 7, 2009Porsche and Volkswagen automakers agree to mergerWikinews
May 19, 2009Porsche Trip to Beetle Land, TheRonnie Tanner
June 19, 2009Porsche automaker's global sales drop 28%Wikinews
July 24, 2009Porsche-Übernahme durch die Volkswagen AG perfekt – Wiedeking tritt zurückWikinews
July 27, 2009VW plant milliardenschwere Kapitalerhöhung zur Finanzierung der Porsche-ÜbernahmeWikinews
July 27, 2009Wiedeking und Porsche gehen getrennte WegeWikinews
August 30, 2009Porsche - The beginningJorge Reis
March 12, 2011Why Have A Proper Porshe ServiceAndy Jones
July 5, 2012German Carmaker Volkswagen Set To Takeover PorscheVOA Breaking News
July 5, 2012VW buys Porsche for £3.6bnMatt Hubbard
July 6, 2012Volkswagen покупает PorscheВикиновости
October 9, 2013Porsche Expect To Profit From New ModelsGeoff Maxted
November 10, 2013Porsche To Showcase New Models - At Two ShowsGeoff Maxted
December 28, 2013A Plethora Of Porsches - Quite An Experience 2Geoff Maxted
August 30, 2014Nissan (& Mitsubishi) vs. PorscheBill Crittenden
December 1, 2014I May End Up Owning Three Old Porsches After A Drunk eBay SessionMatt Hubbard

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