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SuperSprings International

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SuperSprings International
Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer

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Official Site: SuperSprings.com

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A manufacturer of aftermarket self-adjusting suspension stabilizers for carrying heavy loads or towing.

Company Profile

The following section is from a 2004 press release.

Founded in 1996, SuperSprings International, Inc. developed a patented line of self-adjusting suspension stabilizers that solve many of the handling and suspension problems associated with loads carried by passenger vans, pickup trucks, minivans, and SUV's. The Company's products give users extra loading and towing capacity and prevent rear-end sag without hardening the ride on vehicles having leaf spring rear suspension systems.

Article Index

1 February 2004SuperSprings approved by leading Van Converters.SuperSprings International, Inc.
19 January 2004SuperSprings Suspension Stabilizers Enhance Driving Safety, Improve Load and Tow Capacity and Reduce Body Roll.SuperSprings International, Inc.
19 March 2004SuperSprings, Inc. Announces Relationship with Home Team Service - Leaders in the Pest Control IndustrySuperSprings International, Inc.
4 June 2004Santa Maria Works With Industrial Truck Bodies To Level The LoadSuperSprings International, Inc.
19 September 2004Load and Tow Launch SuperSprings On E-Bay.Load and Tow
6 January 2005Stag-Parkway Selects SuperSprings For The RV MarketplaceSuperSprings International, Inc.
18 February 2005Loadandtow.com to Target Pest Control Companies With the Highly Successful SuperSprings ProductLoadandTow

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