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Stock Car Racing 1977

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing 1977

Page Sections
1977's Series and Champions
NASCAR National Touring Series Drivers
Race Schedule
NASCAR Winston Cup Points Standings

1977's Series and Champions

SanctionSeriesDrivers' ChampionPoints Standings
NASCARWinston CupCale YarboroughNWC Schedule
NWC Points Standings
ARCAARCA Racing SeriesConan Myers
NASCARThe Baby Grand SeriesDean Combs

NASCAR National Touring Series Drivers

Each of the drivers listed here has a Stock Car Racing Record on their page and includes results from series covered on the Stock Car Racing 1977 page.  You can see their race-by-race performance over the course of their careers including other series and years listed in the Stock Car Racing Record Notes page.  For those drivers with longer pages, the records are at the bottom so you can scroll down to find them more easily.  The Top 25 in Winston Cup points at season's end are in bold.

Marv Acton, Grant Adcox, Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison, Buddy Arrington, Bill Baker, Buddy Baker, Walter Ballard, Christine Beckers, Terry Bivins, Neil Bonnett, John Borneman, Chuck Bown, Eddie Bradshaw, Kenny Brightbill, Dick Brooks, Earl Brooks, Bob Burcham, Earle Canavan, Jimmy Lee Capps, Richard Childress, Dean Dalton, John Dineen, Dale Earnhardt, Sonny Easley, Ray Elder, Bill Elliott, Phil Finney, Elliott Forbes-Robinson, AJ Foyt, Glen Francis, Joe Frasson, Tommy Gale, Harry Gant, Vince Giamformaggio, Cecil Gordon, Harry Goularte, Don Graham, Henley Gray, Janet Guthrie, Roger Hamby, Ferrel Harris, Butch Hartman, Greg Heller, Jimmy Hensley, Bruce Hill, Paul Dean Holt, Jim Hurtubise, Ron Hutcherson, James Hylton, Jimmy Insolo, Harry Jefferson, Gary Johnson, Carl Joiner, Ralph Jones, Mike Kempton, John Kennedy, John Kieper, Peter Knab, Elmo Langley, Larry LeMay, Lella Lombardi, Jocko Maggiacomo, Skip Manning, Dave Marcis, Coo Coo Marlin, Gary Matthews, Dick May, Roger McCluskey, J.D. McDuffie, Ron McGee, Billy McGinnis, Hershel McGriff, Sumner McKnight, Jimmy Means, Joe Mihalic, Harold Miller, Junior Miller, Steve Moore, Gary Myers, Randy Myers, Ed Negre, Rick Newsom, Don Noel, Bill Osborne, Norm Palmer, Benny Parsons, David Pearson, Hugh Pearson, Nestor Peles, Richard Petty, Lennie Pond, Baxter Price, Don Puskarich, Jim Raptis, Jody Ridley, Marty Robbins, Ricky Rudd, Johnny Rutherford, Joe Ruttman, Terry Ryan, Robin Schildnecht, Bill Schmitt, Tighe Scott, Bill Seifert, Morgan Shepherd, Dave Sisco, Dick Skillen, Roy Smith, Tom Sneva, Sam Sommers, G.C. Spencer, Ernie Stierly, Steve Stolarek, Ramo Stott, Jim Thirkettle, Ronnie Thomas, Travis Tiller, Dick Trickle, D.K. Ulrich, Jim Vandiver, Chuck Wahl, Salt Walther, Darrell Waltrip, Blackie Wangerin, Frank Warren, Bobby Wawak, Richard White, Ray Williams, Roland Wlodyka, Cale Yarborough

Race Schedule

DateSeriesRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
January 16Winston CupWinston Western 500Riverside International RacewayCale YarboroughDavid PearsonMercury
February 20Winston CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayDonnie AllisonCale YarboroughChevrolet
February 27Winston CupRichmond 400Richmond International RacewayNeil BonnettCale YarboroughChevrolet
March 13Winston CupCarolina 500North Carolina SpeedwayDonnie AllisonRichard PettyDodge
March 20Winston CupAtlanta 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayRichard PettyRichard PettyDodge
March 27Winston CupGwyn Staley 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayNeil BonnettCale YarboroughChevrolet
April 3Winston CupRebel 500Darlington RacewayDavid PearsonDarrell WaltripChevrolet
April 17Winston CupVolunteer 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayCale YarboroughCale YarboroughChevrolet
April 24Winston CupVirginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayNeil BonnettCale YarboroughChevrolet
May 1Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayAJ FoytDarrell WaltripChevrolet
May 7Winston CupMusic City 420Nashville SpeedwayDarrell WaltripBenny ParsonsChevrolet
May 15Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayRichard PettyCale YarboroughChevrolet
May 29Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayDavid PearsonRichard PettyDodge
June 12Winston CupNAPA 400Riverside International RacewayRichard PettyRichard PettyDodge
June 19Winston CupCAM2 400Michigan International SpeedwayDavid PearsonCale YarboroughChevrolet
July 4Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayNeil BonnettRichard PettyDodge
July 16Winston CupNashville 420Nashville SpeedwayBenny ParsonsDarrell WaltripChevrolet
July 31Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Pocono RacewayDarrell WaltripBenny ParsonsChevrolet
August 7Winston CupTalladega 500Talladega SuperspeedwayBenny ParsonsDonnie AllisonChevrolet
August 22Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayDavid PearsonDarrell WaltripChevrolet
August 28Winston CupSouthEastern 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayCale YarboroughCale YarboroughChevrolet
September 5Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayDarrell WaltripDavid PearsonMercury
September 11Winston CupCapital City 400Richmond International RacewayBenny ParsonsNeil BonnettDodge
September 18Winston CupDelaware 500Dover International SpeedwayNeil BonnettBenny ParsonsChevrolet
September 25Winston CupOld Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayNeil BonnettCale YarboroughChevrolet
October 2Winston CupWilkes 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayRichard PettyDarrell WaltripChevrolet
October 9Winston CupNAPA 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayDavid PearsonBenny ParsonsChevrolet
October 23Winston CupAmerican 500North Carolina SpeedwayDonnie AllisonDonnie AllisonChevrolet
November 6Winston CupDixie 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwaySam SommersDarrell WaltripChevrolet
November 20Winston CupLos Angeles Times 500Ontario Motor SpeedwayRichard PettyNeil BonnettDodge

Winston Cup Points Standings

Pos.DriverPointsBehindStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
1Cale Yarborough5000Leader30392527385,576
2Richard Petty4614-38630552023303,425
3Benny Parsons4570-43030342022263,806
4Darrell Waltrip4498-50230361624249,243
5Buddy Baker3961-10393000920185,081
6Dick Brooks3742-12582900720124,095
7James Hylton3476-1524300001188,330
8Bobby Allison3467-1533300051575,755
9Richard Childress3463-1537300001182,485
10Cecil Gordon3294-170630000273,635
11Buddy Arrington3247-175328000576,310
12J.D. McDuffie3236-176430000474,950
13David Pearson3227-177322521616174,561
14Skip Manning3120-188028001878,217
15D.K. Ulrich2901-209930000059,700
16Frank Warren2876-212429000161,960
17Ricky Rudd*2810-2190250011054,956
18Neil Bonnett2649-2351236259107,180
19Jimmy Means2640-236026000646,520
20Tighe Scott2628-237226001157,190
21Sam Sommers2517-248323102848,625
22Ed Negre2214-278624000042,665
23Janet Guthrie2037-296319000434,945
24Donnie Allison1970-30301732910124,785
25Dave Marcis1931-306918005769,955
26Tommy Gale1689-331118000039,190
27Dick May1324-367613000021,690
28Henley Gray1214-378614000018,610
29Bruce Hill1213-378716000425,035
30Lennie Pond1193-380714004648,476
31Butch Hartman1116-388411000218,615
32Ferrel Harris1088-391211000019,365
33Baxter Price1086-391412000010,865
34Coo Coo Marlin1004-399611001541,500
35Bill Elliott926-407410000219,925
36Gary Myers888-411210000010,975
37Dave Sisco847-415310000013,920
38Terry Bivins841-41598000114,920
39G.C. Spencer785-42158000115,755
40Terry Ryan702-42987000112,405
41Joe Mihalic683-4317800007,650
42Elmo Langley634-4366700005,855
43Dean Dalton620-4380800006,255
44Earl Brooks552-4448600003,045
45Bobby Wawak522-44788000013,430
46Harold Miller470-4530600008,480
47Junior Miller467-4533500002,475
48Rick Newsom446-4554700003,260
49Ramo Stott440-45605000010,170
50Grant Adcox413-4587600008,750
51Sonny Easley386-4614300129,290
52Ralph Jones382-4618400003,395
53Ronnie Thomas331-4669400004,590
54Morgan Shepherd322-4678300016,915
55Walter Ballard318-4682300004,450
56Norm Palmer305-4695300014,560
57Earle Canavan301-4699500004,865
58Jimmy Lee Capps282-4718300004,800
59Jim Hurtubise259-4741400005,110
60Chuck Bown258-4742300007,270
61Jimmy Hensley247-4753200012,680
62Travis Tiller243-4757300001,615
63Roy Smith237-4763300004,865
64Roland Wlodyka219-4781500005,520
65Bill Schmitt219-4781300003,285
66Ron Hutcherson217-47835000123,010
67Hershel McGriff207-4793200013,240
68Jim Thirkettle206-4794200002,265
69Elliott Forbes-Robinson201-4799300003,575
70Bob Burcham199-48012000113,825
71Chuck Wahl194-4806200002,420
72Bill Seifert191-4809200002,270
73Eddie Bradshaw186-4814200012,920
74Richard White185-4815200002,375
75Gary Johnson179-4821200002,445
76Mike Kempton176-4824200002,555
77Marty Robbins173-4827200002,590
78Kenny Brightbill170-4830200001,950
79Peter Knab167-4833300006,865
80Larry Lemay164-483620000710
81Jocko Maggiacomo164-4836300002,080
82Ernie Stierly161-4839200001,805
83Don Puskarich152-4848200001,520
84Hugh Pearson142-4858100012,490
85John Dineen124-4876100001,400
86Joe Ruttman124-4876100002,035
87Jody Ridley121-4879100002,080
88Robin Schildnecht118-4882200001,575
89Harry Jefferson109-4891100001,600
90Jim Vandiver103-4897100003,520
91Harry Goularte100-490010000900
92Marv Acton94-490620000945
93Gary Matthews91-4909100001,225
94Joe Frasson91-4909100002,050
95Jim Raptis89-4911300002,530
96Bill Baker79-4921200002,540
97Paul Dean Holt79-492110000275
98John Borneman79-4921100001,200
99Greg Heller76-492410000680
100Dick Trickle76-4924100001,100
101Harry Gant73-4927100001,460
102Don Graham73-4927100001,000
103Carl Joiner70-493010000740
104Sumner McKnight70-493010000650
105Ron McGee70-493010000950
106Ray Elder67-493310000625
107Glen Francis64-493610000640
108John Kennedy64-493610000880
109Vince Giamformaggio64-493610000850
110Jimmy Insolo61-4939200114,090
111Nestor Peles58-4942200001,330
112Phil Finney58-494210000645
113Don Noel58-494210000500
114Dick Skillen55-4945100001,305
115Ray Williams55-494510000490
116Steve Stolarek55-494510000490
117John Kieper55-494510000740
118Dale Earnhardt49-4951100001,375
119AJ Foyt0-50006101328,850
120Billy McGinnis0-5000100001,570
121Roger Hamby0-5000200002,275
122Steve Moore0-5000100002,165
123Randy Myers0-5000100001,000
124Johnny Rutherford0-5000300004,150
125Bill Osborne0-5000100001,350
126Salt Walther0-5000100002,725
127Blackie Wangerin0-500010000885
128Tom Sneva0-5000100001,150
129Lella Lombardi0-500010000785
130Christine Beckers0-500010000695
131Roger McCluskey0-500010000700

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