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Stock Car Racing

Racing Series

An American stock car racing series, the top series sanctioned by ARCA from 2001-2009.  For 2010 the series name became the ARCA Racing Series presented by RE/MAX and Menards.

ARCA RE/MAX Series Champions

YearChampionRookie of the Year
2009Justin LoftonParker Kligerman2009 Standings



Daytona ARCA 200PFG Lester 150Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA 200 by Federated Auto PartsARCA 200 presented by Construct CorpsHarley-Davidson of Cincinnati 150Hantz Group 200 presented by Federated Car CarePocono 200Hantz Group 200Kansas Lottery $200 GrandWLWT Channel 5-150Sara Lee/GFS Marketplace 200Pennsylvania 200Shop 'n Save 150ARCA RE/MAX 200Hantz Group 200Allen Crowe Memorial 100Governor's Cup 200Hantz Group 200Southern Illinois 100SK Hand Tool 200Eddie Gilstrap Motors ARCA Fall Classic by Advance Auto PartsFood World 250Prairie Meadows 250
DateRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
February 11Daytona International SpeedwayBobby GerhartBobby GerhartChevrolet
April 15Nashville SuperspeedwaySteve WallaceStephen LeichtFord
April 23Salem SpeedwayBrad ColemanBilly VenturiniChevrolet
May 7Winchester SpeedwayBrett RoweFrank KimmelFord
May 13Kentucky SpeedwaySteve WallaceSteve WallaceDodge
May 21Toledo SpeedwayFrank KimmelKen SchraderChevrolet
June 10Pocono RacewayDavid StremmeChase MillerDodge
June 16Michigan International SpeedwayChuck WeberDavid StremmeDodge
July 1Kansas SpeedwayBrad ColemanFrank KimmelFord
July 7Kentucky SpeedwayErin CrockerBrad ColemanFord
July 15Berlin RacewayBlake BjorklundBrian KeselowskiDodge
July 22Pocono RacewayFrank KimmelFrank KimmelFord
July 28Gateway International RacewayChase MillerCale GaleDodge
August 12Nashville SuperspeedwayBrad ColemanMario GosselinChevrolet
August 18Michigan International SpeedwayBrent ShermanBrent ShermanFord
August 20Illinois State FairgroundsDamon LuskJustin AllgaierPontiac
August 27The Milwaukee MileBlake BjorklundPhil BozellDodge
September 1Toledo SpeedwayBrian KeselowskiChuck BarnesChevrolet
September 4DuQuoin State FairgroundsKen SchraderKen SchraderChevrolet
September 9Chicagoland SpeedwaySteve WallaceSteve WallaceDodge
September 16Salem SpeedwayDexter BeanBlake BjorklundDodge
October 6Talladega SuperspeedwayBobby GerhartFrank KimmelFord
October 15Iowa SpeedwaySteve WallaceSteve WallaceDodge



DateRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
February 10ARCA 200 at DaytonaDaytona International SpeedwayErin CrockerBobby GerhartChevrolet
March 24Construct Corps-Palm Beach Grading 250USA International SpeedwayBobby Santos IIIJames BuescherDodge
April 7Nashville ARCA 150Nashville SuperspeedwayCale GaleChad McCumbeeChevrolet
April 22Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA 200 by Federated Auto PartsSalem SpeedwayMichael McDowellBrian KeselowskiDodge
April 27Kansas Lottery $150 GrandKansas SpeedwayJustin MarksScott LagasseDodge
May 6Winchester ARCA 200Winchester SpeedwayMichael McDowellBilly LeslieFord
May 12Buckle-Up Kentucky 150Kentucky SpeedwayMichael McDowellErik DarnellFord
May 20Hantz Group 200 by Federated Car CareToledo SpeedwayMichael McDowellKen Butler IIIDodge
June 2Prairie Meadows 250Iowa SpeedwayMichael AnnettFrank KimmelFord
June 9Pocono 200Pocono RacewayTim AndrewsChad McCumbeeDodge
June 15Michigan ARCA 200Michigan International SpeedwaySam Hornish Jr.Erik DarnellFord
July 7Request Foods-GFS 200Berlin RacewayMichael McDowellBrian KeselowskiDodge
July 13WLWT Channel 5-150Kentucky SpeedwayErin CrockerMichael McDowellDodge
August 4Pennsylvania 200Pocono RacewayBobby Santos IIIMichael McDowellDodge
August 11Toyota ARCA 150Nashville SuperspeedwayMichael McDowellJeremy ClementsChevrolet
August 19Allen Crowe 100Illinois State FairgroundsFrank KimmelFrank KimmelFord
August 26Governor's Cup 200The Milwaukee MileMichael McDowellFrank KimmelFord
August 31Gateway ARCA 150Gateway International RacewayJosh WiseBryan ClausonDodge
September 3Southern Illinois 100DuQuoin State FairgroundsAJ FikeKen SchraderChevrolet
September 8Chicagoland ARCA 200Chicagoland SpeedwayMichael McDowellMichael McDowellDodge
September 15Eddie Gilstrap Motors ARCA Fall Classic by Advance Auto PartsSalem SpeedwayBrian KeselowskiJustin AllgaierChevrolet
October 5ARCA RE/MAX 250Talladega SuperspeedwayBryan ClausonMichael AnnettToyota
October 14Hantz Group 200 by Belle TireToledo SpeedwayMichael McDowellMichael McDowellDodge



DateRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
February 9ARCA 200 at DaytonaDaytona International SpeedwayJustin MarksMichael AnnettToyota
April 13Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 by Federated Auto PartsSalem SpeedwayKen SchraderJustin AllgaierChevrolet
April 19Prairie Meadows 250Iowa SpeedwayMatt CarterMatt HawkinsDodge
April 25Kansas Lottery $150 GrandKansas SpeedwayKen Butler IIIScott SpeedToyota
May 4Carolina 500Rockingham SpeedwayJoey LoganoJoey LoganoChevrolet
May 10Drive Smart! Buckle Up Kentucky 150Kentucky SpeedwaySean CaisseRicky Stenhouse, Jr.Ford
May 18Hantz Group 200 by Federated Car Care Toledo SpeedwayAndy HansonMatt CarterFord
June 7Pocono 200Pocono RacewayScott SpeedRicky Stenhouse, Jr.Ford
June 14Racing For Wildlife 200Michigan International SpeedwayScott SpeedJustin LoftonDodge
June 29Cayuga ARCA RE/MAX 250Cayuga Motor SpeedwayJustin LoftonJustin AllgaierChevrolet
July 18Kentucky ARCA RE/MAX 150Kentucky SpeedwayBrian ScottScott SpeedToyota
July 26Berlin ARCA RE/MAX 200Berlin RacewayJustin AllgaierScott SpeedToyota
August 2Pennsylvania ARCA 200Pocono RacewayScott SpeedJustin AllgaierChevrolet
August 9Toyota 150Nashville SuperspeedwayKen Butler IIIScott SpeedToyota
August 17Allen Crowe 100Illinois State FairgroundsFrank KimmelFrank KimmelFord
September 1Southern Illinois 100DuQuoin State FairgroundsRicky Stenhouse, Jr.Frank KimmelFord
September 6Chicagoland ARCA 200Chicagoland SpeedwayRicky Stenhouse, Jr.Scott Lagasse, Jr.Chevrolet
September 13Eddie Gilstrap Motors 200 by Advance Auto PartsSalem SpeedwayRicky Stenhouse, Jr.Frank KimmelFord
September 28Loud Energy Drink 150New Jersey Motorsports ParkAndy LallyJustin AllgaierChevrolet
October 3ARCA RE/MAX 250Talladega SuperspeedwayJames BuescherJustin AllgaierDodge
October 12Hantz Group 200 by Belle Tire & Federated Car CareToledo SpeedwayJustin LoftonJustin AllgaierChevrolet



DateRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
February 7Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200Daytona International SpeedwayJustin LoftonJames BuescherToyota
April 5Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 by Federated Car CareSalem SpeedwayJustin LoftonPatrick SheltraDodge
April 19ARCA RE/MAX Carolina 200Rockingham SpeedwayKen SchraderSean CaisseChevrolet
April 24ARCA RE/MAX 250Talladega SuperspeedwayTom HessertJustin LoftonToyota
May 9Drive Smart Buckle-Up Kentucky 150Kentucky SpeedwayJames BuescherJames BuescherToyota
May 17Menards 200 presented by Federated Car CareToledo SpeedwayMatt MerrellParker KligermanDodge
June 6Pocono ARCA 200Pocono RacewayJustin LoftonJoey LoganoToyota
June 12Racing For Wildlife 200Michigan International SpeedwayJustin LoftonParker KligermanDodge
June 20Tim Richmond Memorial ARCA RE/MAX 200Mansfield Motorsports ParkJustin LoftonParker KligermanDodge
July 11Prairie Meadows 200Iowa SpeedwayJoey CoulterParker KligermanDodge
July 18Click It or Ticket Buckle-Up Kentucky 150Kentucky SpeedwayBrian IcklerParker KligermanDodge
July 25Wolverine Power Systems 200 presented by GeneracBerlin RacewayJustin LoftonJustin LoftonToyota
August 1Pennsylvania ARCA 200Pocono RacewayJustin LoftonJustin LoftonToyota
August 23Allen Crowe 100Illinois State FairgroundsJustin LoftonParker KligermanDodge
August 28Ansell Cut Protection 150Chicagoland SpeedwayBrian IcklerJustin LoftonToyota
September 4ARCA RE/MAX 200 by Federated & Belle TireToledo SpeedwayJoey CoulterJustin LoftonToyota
September 7Southern Illinois 100DuQuoin State FairgroundsA.J. FikeParker KligermanDodge
September 13South Jersey Building Trades 150New Jersey Motorsports ParkPatrick LongPatrick LongDodge
September 19Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA Fall ClassicSalem SpeedwayChris BuescherJustin LoftonToyota
October 1Kansas Lottery 150Kansas SpeedwayJustin LoftonParker KligermanDodge
October 11ARCA RE/MAX American 200Rockingham SpeedwayChad FinleyParker KligermanDodge

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