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Acronyms, Initialisms, and Codes
Joke "Acronyms"
Have you come across an acronym or a jumble of letters & numbers you don't understand in your research? This is a partial list of acronyms, initialisms, short abbreviations, engine codes, chassis codes, and other similar short designations.

For decoding basic modern Vehicle Indentification Numbers, check out this article by David Bloom for now. We'll have more on VIN numbers soon!

Acronyms, Initialisms, and Codes

In addition to general automotive terms, automobile racing terms, and manufacturer-specific technical terms are frequently used United States government terms that are not automotive-specific but are useful knowledge when reading the government materials in the Library.

Acronym or CodeMeaning & Description
2WD2 wheel drive
4DSC4-Door Sports Car - Nissan Maxima
4WD4 wheel drive
A/Cair conditioning
AAAAmerican Automobile Association
AAAMAssocation for Advancement of Automotive Medicine
AAIAAutomotive Aftermarket Industry Association
AAMAmerican Axle & Manufacturing
AAMVAAmerican Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AASPAlliance of Automotive Service Providers
AARAll American Racers
ABAAAuto Body Association of America
ABILAuto Body Insurance Liaison Committee
ABRAndy Belmont Racing
ABSAntilock Braking System
ABSBSCAir Bag and Seat Belt Safety Campaign - National Safety Council program
ABTPAAuto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority - Texas Department of Transportation
ACair conditioning
ACCROAssociated Canadian Car Rental Operators
ACDSAutomotive Cylinder Deactivator System - United States EPA
ACESAutomotive Consortium for Embedded Security
ACFAmerican Car & Foundry Co.
ACFOAssociation of Car Fleet Operators
ACIAutomobile Club d’Italia
ACISAcoustic Control Induction System - Toyota
ACSAutomobile Consumer Services
ADOTArizona Department of Transportation
ADTAverage Daily Traffic
AE5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1983-1987 CR-X 1.3; USDM 1984 CRX DX 1300
AEBAutonomous Emergency Braking
AERAAutomotive Engine Rebuilders Association
AF5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1983-1987 CR-X 1.5i; USDM 1984-1986 CRX DX; USDM 1985-1986 CRX HF, Si
AGPAustralian Grand Prix
AHMCAdopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation
AHTDArkansas Highway & Transportation Department
AIAGAutomotive Industry Action Group
AIMSAustralian International Motor Show
AIRAmerican International Racers
AISAbbreviated Injury Scale - NHTSA
AJACAutomobile Journalists Association of Canada
ALDOTAlabama Department of Transportation
AMCAmerican Motors Corporation
AMGAufrecht Melcher Großaspach - Mercedes-Benz tuner
AMPAtlanta Motorsports Park
AMŠAuto-moto savez Srbije - Automobile Club of Serbia
ANBMAmerican NTN Bearing Manufacturing
ANPRMAdvance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - U.S. Government
AOAIAvanti Owners Association International
AOBRDAutomatic On-Board Recording Device
AOPSAdvanced Occupant Protection System
AP1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1999-2005 S2000 base, Type V; USDM 2000-2003 S2000
AP2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2005-2009 S2000 base, Type V; USDM 2004-2009 S2000; USDM 2008-2009 S2000 CR
APAAdministrative Procedure Act - U.S. Government
APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
APMMAuto Parts Manufacturing Mississippi
APRAAutomotive Parts Rebuilders Association
ARAAutomotive Recyclers Association
ARCAAutomobile Racing Club of America
AS5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1983-1987 CR-X Si
ASVAdvanced Safety Vehicle - Mazda
AT PZEVAdvanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle - U.S. EPA
ATCCAustralian Touring Car Championship
ATFAutomatic Transmission Fluid
ATPAAuto Theft Prevention Authority
ATSSAAmerican Traffic Safety Services Association
AUTOAutomotive Undercar Trade Organization
AUTOSARAutomotive Open System Architecture
AVHonda Chassis Code: JDM 1985-1989 Quint Integra GSi, LS, RSi, ZS Hatchback
AVCSActive Valve Control System - Subaru
AvDAutomobilclub von Deutschland
AVECAxial Vector Energy Corporation
AVeLAutomatic Vehicle Location
AVLSActive Valve Lift System - Subaru
AVRCAdvanced Vehicle Research Center
AVTAAntelope Valley Transit Authority
AWDAll Wheel Drive
BA4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1991 Prelude 2.0Si, 2.0XL, 2.0XX, 2.0XR, Si, XX (manual trans); USDM 1988-1990 Prelude 2.0S; USDM 1988-1991 Prelude 2.0Si; USDM 1988-1989 Prelude 2.0Si 4WS; USDM 1990-1991 Prelude 2.05Si, 2.05Si 4WS
BA5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1991 Prelude 2.0Si, 2.0XX, Si, Si, SRS, XX (automatic trans)
BA8Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1996 Prelude Si; USDM 1992-1996 Prelude S
BA9Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1996 Prelude Si (4WS)
BACBlood Alcohol Content
BAIIDBreath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device
BATOBridgestone Americas Tire Operations
BB1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1996 Prelude Si VTEC (4WS); USDM 1993-1996 Prelude VTEC
BB2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1992-1996 Prelude Si; USDM 1995 Prelude Si Special Edition; USDM 1992-1994 Prelude Si 4WS
BB4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1996 Prelude Si VTEC
BB5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1996-2001 Prelude Si, Xi
BB6Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1996-2001 Prelude SiR, Type S; USDM 1997-2001 Prelude base, Type SH
BB7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1996-2001 Prelude Si 4WS
BB8Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1996-2001 Prelude SiR 4WS
BCAABritish Columbia Automobile Association
BDCbottom dead center
BESTBrihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport - Mumbai
BHABryan Herta Autosport
bhpBrake HorsePower
BHMBrett Hudson Motorsports
BI&PDBodily Injury & Property Damage - U.S. Government
BJMMB.J. McLeod Motorsports
BMWBayerische Motoren Werke/Bavarian Motor Works
BMSADBritish Motor Sports Association for the Disabled
BMWCCABMW Car Club of America
BOMGBandido Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
BOSBrake Override System
BRMBritish Racing Motors
BRPBombardier Recreational Products
BWCBest Workplaces for Commuters - Center for Urban Transportation Research
BTCCBritish Touring Car Championship
C&DCar & Driver
CAAClean Air Act - U.S. Government
CAFECorporate Average Fuel Economy - U.S. Government
CALComplete Auto Loans
CALCrittenden Automotive Library
CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board - California
CARSCar Allowance Rebate System
CARSCustom, Antique, Racing, Stock - IPMS/C.A.R.S. in Miniature
CARTChampionship Auto Racing Teams
CASContinental Automotive Systems
CATAChicagoland Automobile Trade Association
CAWCanadian Auto Workers
CB1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1989-1993 Accord EF, EX, EXL Sedan
CB2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1989-1993 Accord EXL (4WS) Sedan
CB3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1989-1993 Accord 2.0EXL, 2.0EXL-i, 2.0Si Sedan
CB4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1989-1993 Accord 2.0EXL, 2.0EXL-i, 2.0Si (4WS) Sedan
CB6Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1990-1994 Accord 2.0Si, 2.0Si Exclusive Coupe
CB7Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1990-1993 Accord DX, EX, LX, SE Coupe; USDM 1990-1993 Accord DX, EX, LX Sedan; USDM 1991-1993 Accord SE Sedan; USDM 1993 Accord LX Anniversary Edition Sedan
CB9Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1991-1993 Accord EX, LX Wagon
CCNEClassic Cars of New England
CDCar & Driver
CD3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1997 Accord EX Sedan
CD4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1997 Accord 2.0EX, 2.0EXL Sedan
CD5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1997 Accord 2.2VTL, VTE Sedan; USDM 1994-1997 Accord DX, EX, LX Sedan; USDM 1996-1997 Accord VP Sedan; USDM 1996 Accord DX Anniversary Edition Sedan; USDM 1997 Accord SE Sedan
CD6Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1997 Accord SiR Sedan
CD7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1994-1999 Accord 2.2Vi, SiR Coupe; USDM 1994-1997 Accord EX, LX Coupe; USDM 1994 Accord DX Coupe; USDM 1997 Accord SE Coupe
CDLCommercial Driver's License
CDOTColorado Department of Transportation
CDSCrashworthiness Data System - NHTSA
CECategorical Exclusion - U.S. Government
CE1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1994-1997 Accord 2.2Vi, 2.2VTL Wagon; USDM 1994-1997 Accord EX, LX Wagon
CE6Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1995-1997 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Sedan
CERSCompetitive Edge Racing Software
CF3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1997-2002 Accord 1.8VTS Sedan
CF4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1997-2002 Accord 2.0LEV, 2.0VTS, SiR, SiR-T Sedan
CF5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1997-2002 Accord 2.0VTS 4WD Sedan
CF8Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1998-2002 Accord DX Sedan; USDM 2001-2002 Accord VP Sedan
CFIContinuous Flow Intersection
CFDAACarolina Ford Dealers Advertising Association
CFOCyclic Field Operation - Tire Sidewall Code Suffix
CFRCode of Federal Regulations - U.S. Government
CG1Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1998-2002 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Sedan
CG2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1998-2002 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Coupe
CG3Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1998-2002 Accord EX, LX Coupe; USDM 2002 Accord SE Coupe
CG5Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1998-2002 Accord LX Sedan
CG6Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1998-2002 Accord EX Sedan; USDM 2000-2002 (exclude 2001) Accord SE Sedan
CGPCincinnati Grand Prix
CHMSLCenter High-Mounted Stop Light
CIRENCrash Injury Research and Engineering Network - NHTSA
CISContinuous Injection System - Audi
CLclosed loop - Electrical
CL7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2004-2006 Accord 20A, 20EL Sedan; JDM 2002-2008 Accord 20A, 20EL, Euro R Sedan
CL8Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2004-2006 Accord 20A 4WD, 20EL 4WD Sedan; JDM 2006-2008 Accord 20A 4WD, 20EL 4WD Sedan
CL9Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2004-2006 Accord 24S, 24T, 24TL Sedan; JDM 2006-2008 Accord 24TL, Type S Sedan; USDM 2004-2008 TSX Sedan; USDM 2010-2013 TSX V6 Sedan
CMCar Madness
CM5Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2003-2005 Accord DX Sedan; USDM 2003-2007 Accord VP Sedan; USDM 2003-2007 Accord EX, LX Sedan; USDM 2003-2007 Accord SE Sedan
CM6Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2003-2007 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Sedan; USDM 2007 Accord SE V6 Sedan
CM7Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2003-2007 Accord EX, LX Coupe; USDM 2003 Accord SE Coupe
CM8Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2003-2007 Accord EX V6, LX V6 Coupe; USDM 2003 Accord SE V6 Coupe
CMAQCongestion Mitigation and Air Quality - FHWA
CMVCommercial Motor Vehicle
CNCDACalifornia New Car Dealers Association
COCarbon Monoxide
CO2Carbon Dioxide
CODCylinder On Demand
CoTCar of Tomorrow - NASCAR
CPHonda Chassis Code: USDM 2011-2012 Accord SE Sedan
CP2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2008-2012 Accord EX, EX-L, LX Sedan
CP3Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2008-2012 EX V6, EX-L V6 Sedan
CPSCam Profile Shifting - Volvo
CPSChild Passenger Safety - Safercar.gov
CR2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2013-2014 Accord EX, EX-L, LX Sport Sedan
CR3Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2013-2014 Accord EX-L V6, Touring V6 Sedan
CS1Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2008 Accord LX Coupe; USDM 2008-2012 Accord EX, EX-L Coupe; USDM 2009-2012 Accord LX-S Coupe
CS2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2008-2012 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe
CSCCClassic Sports Car Club
CT1Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2013-2014 Accord EX, EX-L, LX-S Coupe
CT2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2013-2014 Accord EX-L V6 Coupe
CTSCraftsman Truck Series - NASCAR
CTTACalifornia Tow Truck Association
CU1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2008-2013 Accord 20TL Sedan
CU2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2008-2013 Accord Type-S Sedan; USDM 2009-2013 TSX Sedan; USDM 2012-2013 TSX SE Sedan
CUCVCommercial Utility Cargo Vehicle - U.S. Army
CUTRCenter for Urban Transportation Research - University of South Florida
CVSACommercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
CVTContinuously Variable Transmission
CVTCContinuously Variable valve Timing Control - Nissan
CVVTContinuous Variable Valve Timing - Volvo
CWCycle World
CWTSCamping World Truck Series
CYCalendar Year
DA1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1985-1988 Quint Integra GS, GSi, LS, ZS Five-Door; USDM 1986-1989 Integra LS, RS Five-Door
DA3Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1986-1989 Integra LS, RS Hatchback
DA5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1989-1993 Integra RXi, TXi, ZXi Hatchback
DA6Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1989-1993 Integra RSi, XSi Hatchback
DA7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1989-1993 Integra RX, RXi, ZX, ZXi Sedan
DA8Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1989-1993 Integra XSi Sedan
DA9Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1990-1993 Integra GS, LS, RS Hatchback; USDM 1991-1993 (exclude 1992) LS Special Edition Hatchback
DB1Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1990-1993 Integra GS, LS, RS Sedan
DB2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1992-1993 Integra GS-R Hatchback
DB6Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1995 Integra ZX, ZXi Sedan; JDM 1995-2000 Integra Ti, Xi-G Sedan
DB7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1995 Integra ESi Sedan; USDM 1994-2001 Integra LS Sedan; USDM 1994-1996 Integra RS Sedan; USDM 1997-2001 Integra GS Sedan; USDM 1996 Integra LS Special Edition Sedan
DB8Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1995 Integra Si VTEC Sedan; JDM 1995-2000 Integra SiR-G, Type R Sedan; USDM 1994-2001 Integra GS-R Sedan
DB9Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1995 Integra ZXi 4WD Sedan; JDM 1995-2000 Integra Xi 4WD Sedan
dBAdecibels, A-weighted scale
DC1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1995 Integra ZX, ZXi Hatchback; JDM 1995-2001 Integra Ti Hatchback
DC2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1995 Integra Si VTEC Hatchback; JDM 1995-2001 Integra SiR-G, Type R, Xi-G Hatchback; USDM 1994-2001 Integra GS-R Hatchback; USDM 1997-2001 (exclude 1999) Integra Type R Hatchback
DC4Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1994-2001 Integra LS Hatchback; USDM 1995-1996 Integra LS Special Edition Hatchback; USDM 1994-1999 Integra RS Hatchback; USDM 1997-2001 Integra GS Hatchback
DC5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2001-2006 Integra Type R, Type S Hatchback; USDM 2002-2006 RSX base, Type-S Hatchback
DDACTSData-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety Program - NHTSA
DDIDiverging Diamond Interchanges
DDOTD.C. Department of Transportation
DEIDale Earnhardt, Inc.
DelDOTDelaware Department of Transportation
DERADiesel Emissions Reduction Act
DHTire Sidewall Code Prefix: agricultural & logging
DISDaytona International Speedway
DJTDavid J. Tremayne
DJTDonald J. Trump
DMCDeLorean Motor Company
DMSDealer Management Systems
DOHCDual OverHead Camshaft
DOTDepartment of Transportation - U.S. Government
DPDefect Petition - NHTSA
DTTire Sidewall Code Suffix: sand paver service
DTCDiagnostic Trouble Code
DTMDeutche Tourenwagen Masters - German Touring Car Masters
DTMDeutche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft - German Touring Car Championship
DTOPDepartamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas - Puerto Rico
DTSDiamond Transportation Services
DTSDulles Taxi Systems
DUIDriving Under the Influence
DVIRDriver-Vehicle Inspection Report - FMCSA
DWBDriving While Black
DWIDriving While Intoxicated
DWLDriving While Latino
DWLADistinguished Woman in Logistics Award - Women In Trucking Association
DWPDenis Wilson Partnership
E10Ethanol: 10%
E15Ethanol: 15%
E85Ethanol: 85%
EAEngineering Analysis - NHTSA
EBRErik Buell Racing
EC1Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1987 CRX DX, HF, Si
ED3Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1988-1991 Civic DX, LX Sedan
ED4Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1990-1991 Civic EX Sedan
ED6Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1988-1991 Civic DX, Std Hatchback
ED7Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1989-1991 Civic Si Hatchback
ED8Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1988-1991 CRX DX, HF
ED9Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1988-1991 CRX Si
EE4Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1988-1991 Civic 4WD 1600 Wagon
EF1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1991 Civic 23L, 23U Hatchback
EF2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1991 Civic 25R, 25X Hatchback; JDM 1987-1991 Civic 35M, 35U, 35X, 35X Extra Sedan; JDM 1987-1994 Civic Shuttle 55X, 55X Extra
EF3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1991 Civic Si, Si Extra Hatchback; JDM 1987-1991 Civic 36i Limited Sedan; JDM 1987-1994 Civic Shuttle 56i
EF4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1991 Civic RT X 4WD, RT X 4WD Extra Sedan; JDM 1987-1994 Civic Shuttle RT X 4WD, RT X 4WD EX
EF5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1991 Civic RTi J 4WD, RTi Limited 4WD Sedan; JDM 1987-1994 Civic Shuttle RTi Limited Edition, RTi 4WD, Beagle, Beagle-X; USDM 1988-1991 Civic DX Wagon
EF6Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1992 CR-X 1.5X
EF7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1992 CR-X Si
EF8Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1992 CR-X SiR
EF9Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1987-1991 Civic SiR, SiR-II Hatchback
EG1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1992-1999 CR-X del Sol VXi; USDM 1993-1995 del Sol S
EG2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1992-1999 CR-X del Sol SiR; USDM 1994-1997 del Sol VTEC
EG3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1995 Civic EL Hatchback
EG4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1995 Civic ETi, MX, VTi Hatchback
EG6Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1995 Civic SiR, SiR-II Hatchback
EG7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1995 Civic Ferio EL Sedan
EG8Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1995 Civic Ferio ETi, MX, VTi Sedan; USDM 1992-1995 Civic DX, LX Sedan
EG9Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1995 Civic Ferio SiR Sedan
EH1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1991-1995 Civic Ferio RTSi, RTX Sedan
EH2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1992-1995 Civic CX, DX, VX Hatchback
EH3Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1992-1995 Civic Si Hatchback
EH6Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1996-1997 del Sol S; USDM 1993-1997 del Sol Si
EH9Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1992-1995 Civic EX Sedan
ECMEngine Control Module
ECUEngine Control Unit
EDCEvery Day Counts - FHWA
EDRElectronic Data Recorder
EGREarnhardt Ganassi Racing
EGRexhaust gas recirculation
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EJ1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1993-1995 Civic Coupe; USDM 1993-1995 Civic EX Coupe; USDM 1993 Civic EX-S Coupe
EJ2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1993-1995 Civic DX Coupe
EJ6Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1996-2000 Civic CX, DX Hatchback; USDM 1996-2000 Civic DX Coupe; USDM 1996-2000 Civic DX, LX Sedan; USDM 1999-2000 Civic VP Sedan
EJ7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1996-1999 Civic Coupe; USDM 1996-2000 Civic HX Coupe
EJ8Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1996-2000 Civic EX Coupe; USDM 1996-2000 Civic EX Sedan
EK2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1995-2000 Civic EL Hatchback; JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ferio EL Sedan
EK3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ri, VTi Hatchback; JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ferio Mi, ML, Vi Sedan
EK4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1995-2000 Civic SiR, SiR-II Hatchback; JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ferio Si, Si-II Sedan
EK5Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1995-2000 Civic Ferio RTi Sedan
EK9Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1997-2001 Civic Type R Hatchback
ELDElectronic Logging Device
EM1Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1999-2000 Civic Si Coupe
EM2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2001-2005 Civic DX, EX, HX, LX Coupe; USDM 2004-2005 Civic VP Coupe; USDM 2005 Civic EX Special Edition, LX Special Edition Coupe
EMCElectroMagnetic Compatibility
EMIElectroMagnetic Interference
EMWEisenacher Motoren Werke
EOExecutive Order - U.S. Government
EP3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2004-2005 Civic Type R Hatchback; USDM 2002-2005 Civic Si Hatchback
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency - U.S. Government
EPSElectric Power Steering
EREVExtended Range Electric Vehicle
ERWGEmergency Route Working Group - U.S. Government
ES1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2003-2005 Civic Ferio C Sedan; USDM 2001-2005 Civic DX, LX Sedan; USDM 2004-2005 Civic VP Sedan
ES2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2003-2005 Civic Ferio C4 Sedan; USDM 2001-2005 Civic EX Sedan; USDM 2005 Civic EX Special Edition, LX Special Edition Sedan
ES3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2003-2005 Civic Ferio X, XL Sedan
ESPElectro Sensor Panel - Toyota
ESREddie Sharp Racing
ET2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2003-2005 Civic Ferio X4 Sedan
ETCElectronic Throttle Control
ETCS-iElectronic Throttle Control System, intelligent - Toyota
ETEAEthiopian Traffic Enforcement Agency - Ethiopia
EY2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 1988-1989 Civic Wagovan
F1Formula 1 - FIA
FA1Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2006-2011 Civic DX, EX, LX Sedan; USDM 2008-2011 Civic EX-L Sedan; USDM 2009-2011 Civic LX-S Sedan; USDM 2009-2011 Civic VP Sedan
FA5Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2007-2011 Civic Si Sedan
FACESFamilies Against Chronic Excessive Speeding
FADAFlorida Automobile Dealers' Association
FARSFatality Analysis Reporting System Program - NHTSA
FB2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2012 Civic DX Sedan; USDM 2012-2013 Civic HF, EX, EX-L, LX Sedan
FCAFiat Chrysler Automobiles
FCSGFlatbed Carrier Safety Group - FMCSA
FCCFull Course Caution
FCYFull Course Yellow
FDFire Department
FD1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2006-2010 Civic Ferio 1.8G, 1.8GL Sedan; JDM 2006-2007 Civic Ferio 1.8B Sedan
FD2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2006-2010 Civic Ferio 2.0GL Sedan; JDM 2007-2011 Civic Type R Sedan
FDOTFlorida Department of Transportation
FFFreight Forwarder
FFfront-engine, front drive
FG1Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2006-2011 Civic DX, EX, LX Coupe; USDM 2008-2011 Civic EX-L Coupe
FG2Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2006-2011 Civic Si Coupe
FG3Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2012 Civic DX Coupe; USDM 2012-2013 Civic LX, EX, EX-L Coupe
FG4Honda Chassis Code: USDM 2012-2013 Civic Si Coupe
FHWAFederal Highway Administration - U.S. Government
FIField Implement - Tire Sidewall Code Suffix
FIAFederation Internationale de l'Automobile - International Automobile Federation
FIDMASF&I Digital Media Awards
FISTVFire Support Team Vehicle - U.S. Army
FKNSSFrank Kimmel National Street Stock Series
FLIFrontier Leasing Incorporated
FMAFord Motorsports Association
FMCAFamily Motor Coach Association
FMCSAFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - U.S. Government
FMTVFamily of Medium Tactical Vehicles - U.S. Army
FMVSSFederal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards - U.S. Government
FMXFreestyle Motocross
FN2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2009-2012 Civic Type R Euro Hatchback
FOTAFormula One Teams Association
FPSFeet Per Second
FRFederal Register - U.S. Government
FRfront-engine, rear drive
FTEFord Truck Enthusiasts
FTMFord Thailand Manufacturing
FWDfront wheel drive
GC600Gold Coast 600 - V8 Supercars Australia
GCWRGross Combined Weight Rating
GD3Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2005-2007 Fit 1.5A, 1.5S, 1.5W; USDM 2007-2008 Fit base, Sport
GD4Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2005-2007 Fit 1.5A 4WD, 1.5W 4WD
GDOTGeorgia Department of Transportation
GDRTAGreater Dayton Regional Transit Authority
GE6Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2007-2010 Fit 1.3 G/G, 1.3 L
GE7Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2007-2010 Fit 1.3 G/G 4WD, 1.3 L 4WD
GE8Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2007-2010 Fit 1.5 RS, 1.5 X; USDM 2009-2013 Fit base, Sport
GE9Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2007-2010 Fit 1.5 RX 4WD, 1.5 X 4WD
GMGeneral Motors
GMGGas Monkey Garage
GMMDAGeneral Motors Minority Dealers Association
GMPGateway Motorsports Park
GMPGeorgia Marketing & Promotions
GPGrand Prix/Pontiac car
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GRCGlobal RallyCross
GSGrand Sport
GTGran Turismo/Grand Touring
GTGran Turismo
GT2Gran Turismo 2
GT3Gran Turismo 3
GT4Gran Turismo 4
GTAMCGreater Toronto Area Mustang Club
GTOGran Turismo Omologato - Ferrari/Pontiac/Mitsubishi
GTRGrand Touring/Racing
GTTGlobal Traffic Technologies
GVCGenesee Valley Chapter - BMWCCA
GVWGross Vehicle Weight
GVWRGross Vehicle Weight Rating
GWZ100Lexus Chassis Code: Lexus LC500
HCCIHomogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
HCFIHorseless Carriage Foundation, Inc.
HEATHelp Eliminate Auto Thefts
HEMTTHeavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck - U.S. Army
HETHeavy Equipment Transporter - U.S. Army
HHGFFHousehold Goods Freight Forwarder - U.S. Government
HIDOTHawaii Department of Transportation
HLDIHighway Loss Data Institute - IIHS
HMMWVHigh Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle - U.S. Military, pronounced "Humvee"
HMRHazardous Material Regulations - U.S. Government
HMSHendrick MotorSports
HMSHickory Motor Speedway
HMSPHazardous Materials Safety Permit - U.S. Government
HPDEHigh Performance Drivers’ Education - BMW
HOVHigh Occupancy Vehicle
HPDHonda Performance Development - Honda
HSMHigh Side Media
I/MInspection & Maintenance
i-VTECintelligent Variable valve Timing with Electronic lift Control - Honda
I4inline 4-cylinder
I5inline 5-cylinder
I6inline 6-cylinder
ICIntegrated Circuit
ICAMInternational Center for Automotive Medicine
ICCTAICC Termination Act of 1995 - U.S. Government
IDMSIntegrated Dealer Management System
IDOTIllinois Department of Transportation - Illinois
IEInitial Evaluation - NHTSA
IEPIntermodal Equipment Provider - U.S. Government
IFTire Sidewall Code Prefix: agricultural tire to be operated at 20% higher load
IIHSInsurance Institute for Highway Safety
IITRInternational Institute of Towing and Recovery
INDINDustrial - Tire Sidewall Code Suffix
IMISInternational Motorsports Industry Show
INDOTIndiana Department of Transportation
IPMSInternational Plastic Modelers Society
IRLIndy Racing League
IROCInternational Race of Champions
ISACInformation Sharing and Analysis Center
ISCARSInternational Sports Compact Auto Racing Series
ITDIdaho Transportation Department - Idaho
ITSIntelligent Transportation Systems - U.S. Government
IVHSIntelligent Vehicle Highway Systems - U.S. Government
JAMAJapan Automobile Manufacturers Association
JCWJohn Cooper Works - MINI
JDMJapan Domestic Market
JDMJoe Dennette Motorsports
KTire Sidewall Code Suffix: compactor tire
KDOTKansas Department of Transportation
KHIKevin Harvick, Inc.
KJJeep Chassis Code: 2002-2007 Liberty
KKJeep Chassis Code: 2008-2012 Liberty
KOEOkey on engine off
KOERkey on engine running
KOTSAKorea Transportation Safety Authority - South Korea
KPHKilomters Per Hour
KYTCKentucky Transportation Cabinet
L4inline 4-cylinder
L5inline 5-cylinder
L6inline 6-cylinder
LATCHLower Anchors And Tethers for Children
LCVLonger Combination Vehicles
LDOTDLouisiana Department of Transportation & Development
LEAPLocal Empowerment for Accelerating Projects Program - FHWA
LEOLaw Enforcement Officer
LEVLow Emission Vehicle - U.S. EPA
LMLe Mans
LMSLowe's Motor Speedway
LMTVLight Medium Tactical Vehicle - U.S. Army
LPRLicense Plate Reader
LRDMLa Rosa Del Monte Express
LSDLake Shore Drive - Chicago, Illinois
LSSVLight Service Support Vehicle - U.S. Army
LUVLight Utility Vehicle - U.S. Army
LVMSLas Vegas Motor Speedway
M&MMahindra & Mahindra
MADAMiami Automobile Dealers' Association
MADDMothers Against Drunk Driving
MAFMass Air Flow
MaineDOTMaine Department of Transportation
MAITMultidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team - U.S. Government
MAPManifold Air Pressure/Manifold Absolute Pressure
MARCMidwest Association for Race Cars
MARCModel A Restorers Club
MASCSMid-American Stock Car Series
MASHManual for Assessing Safety Hardware - FHWA
MassDOTMassachusetts Department of Transportation
MCMotor Carrier
MC-ECI Office of Enforcement and Compliance, Insurance Compliance Division - FMCSA
MC-RIOffice of Information Technology - FMCSA
MC-RISOffice of Data Analysis and Information Systems - FMCSA
MC-RSOffice of Registration and Safety Information - FMCSA
MCACNMuscle Car and Corvette Nationals
MCMISMotor Carrier Management Information System - U.S. Government
MCSACMotor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee - a href="../f/fmcsa.php">FMCSA
MCSAPMotor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Program
MDOTMaryland Department of Transportation
MDOTMichigan Department of Transportation
MDOTMississippi Department of Transportation
MDTMontana Department of Transportation
MFTAMitsubishi Fuso Truck of America
MIASMontreal International Auto Show
MILMalfunction Indicator Lamp/Light
MISMichigan International Speedway
MIVECMitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control - Mitsubishi
MLMining & Logging - Tire Sidewall Code Suffix
MMALMitsubishi Motors Australia Limited - Mitsubishi
MMdMMazda Motor de Mexico - Mazda
MMEMidwest Motor Express
MMMMason Mitchell Motorsports
MMNAMagneti Marelli North America
MMUCCModel Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria guideline - USDOT
MNAOMazda North American Operations - Mazda
MnDOTMinnesota Department of Transportation
MoDOTMissouri Department of Transportation
MPGMiles Per Gallon
MPGMotor Press Guild
MPGEMiles Per Gallon Equivalent - Performance Measurement
MPHMiles Per Hour
MPMLMallory Park Motorsport Limited Management Company
MQVPManufacturers Qualification and Validation Program
MRmid-engine, rear drive
MRAPMine Resistant Ambush Protected - U.S. Army
MSACMotor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee - USDOT
MSRPManufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
MTMotor Trend
MTMCMilitary Traffic Management Command - U.S. Army
MTVMedium Tactical Vehicle - U.S. Army
MUTCDManual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - USDOT
MWHCMountain West Holding Company
MWRMichael Waltrip Racing
MXMexico Owned or Controlled - FMCSA
MYModel Year
NA1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1992-1995 NSX-R; USDM 1997-2005 NSX (automatic trans)
NA2Honda Chassis Code: JDM 1997-2005 NSX Type-S; JDM 2002-2005 NSX-R; USDM 1997-2005 NSX (manual trans); USDM 1999 NSX Alex Zanardi Edition
NADANational Automobile Dealers Association
NAIASNorth American International Auto Show
NARTNorth American Racing Team
NASCARNational Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
NASSNational Accident Sampling System - NHTSA
NASSNational Automotive Sampling System - NHTSA
NCCANational Custom Car Association
NCDDNational College for DUI Defense
NCDOTNorth Carolina Department of Transportation
NCSANational Center for Statistics and Analysis - NHTSA
NCVECSNational Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety - Colorado State University
NDDOTNorth Dakota Department of Transportation
NDORNebraska Department of Roads
NDOTNevada Department of Transportation
NEMANorthEastern Midget Association
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act of 1969 - U.S. Government
NEVSNational Electric Vehicle Sweden
NGVCNatural Gas Vehicle Coalition
NHSNot for Highway Service - Tire Sidewall Code Suffix
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration - U.S. Government
NiMHNickel Metal Hydride
NIPNotice of Intended Prosecution - UK Government
NISNorthern Illinois Streeters
NiTSNot-in-Traffic Surveillance - NHTSA
NJMPNew Jersey Motorsports Park
NJTANew Jersey Turnpike Authority
NLEVNational Low Emission Vehicle Program - United States EPA
NMDOTNew Mexico Department of Transportation
NMSLNational Maximum Speed Limit - USDOT
NMVTISNational Motor Vehicle Title Information System Program - U.S. DoJ
NNANon-North America-Domiciled Motor Carrier - FMCSA
NNSNASCAR Nationwide Series - NASCAR
NOPUSNational Occupant Protection Use Survey - NHTSA
NOSNitrous Oxide Systems
NSAPISNational Stolen Auto Part Information System - U.S. Government
NSMCNational Street Machine Club - Rockford Speedway
NSTANational School Transportation Association
NSTCNational Short Track Championship - Rockford Speedway
NTCNebraska Transportation Company
NTLNational Transportation Library - USDOT
NVHNoise, Vibration, Harshness Technical
NXSNASCAR Xfinity Series
NYCDOTNew York City Department of Transportation
NYSDOTNew York State Department of Transportation
OADAOregon Auto Dealers Association
OASOla’s Auto Services
OATRAOhio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association
OBDOn-Board Diagnostics
OBD-IIOn-Board Diagnostics II
OBITSOn-Bus Intelligent Transportation System
OCCOrange County Choppers
OCSOccupant Classification System
ODIOffice of Defects Investigations - NHTSA
ODOTOhio Department of Transportation - Ohio
ODOTOklahoma Department of Transportation
ODOTOregon Department of Transportation
OEOriginal Equipment
OEMoriginal equipment manufacturer
OHCOverHead Camshaft
OHSOOklahoma Highway Safety Office - Oklahoma
OHVOverHead Valves
OLopen loop - electrical
OMBOffice of Management and Budget - U.S. Government
OMGOutlaw Motorcycle Gang
OPGIOriginal Parts Group, Inc.
ORVROnboard Refueling Vapor Recovery
OTAOregon Trucking Association
PACCCPolice Advisory Council for Car Clubs
PARPolice Accident Report
PASSPro All Star Series
PBIRPalm Beach International Raceway
PCHPacific Coast Highway
PCSAPacific Street Car Association
PDRPaintless Dent Removal/Repair
PEPreliminary Evaluation - NHTSA
PennDOTPennsylvania Department of Transportation
PIAPrivacy Impact Assessment - U.S. Government
PIIPersonally Identifiable Information - U.S. Government
PJDPaul Jr. Designs
PLSPalletized Load System - U.S. Army
PRIPerformance Racing Industry Show
PRISMPerformance and Registration Information Systems Management - U.S. Government
PRNDLPark-Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Low - pronounced "prindle"
PSCAPacific Street Car Association
PSIParking Solutions, Inc.
PSIPounds per Square Inch
PSSPowersports Support
PVWPerformance Vehicle Works
PZEVPartial Zero Emission Vehicle - United States EPA
QRQueensland Raceway
R/TRoad & Track - Dodge
R&TRoad & Track
RABSSRedesigned Air Bag Special Study - NHTSA
RASRRacers Against Street Racing
RB-X GT2Nissan RB engine, modified RB26DETT by Reinik for NISMO 400R
RB20DENissan RB engine, 2.0L twin-cam
RB20DE NEONissan RB engine, 2.0L twin-cam second generation
RB20DETNissan RB engine, 2.0L twin-cam turbocharged
RB20DET-RNissan RB engine, 2.0L twin-cam turbocharged
RB20ENissan RB engine, 2.0L single-cam
RB20ETNissan RB engine, 2.0L single-cam turbocharged
RB20PNissan RB engine, 2.0L single-cam LPG
RB25DENissan RB engine, 2.5L twin-cam
RB25DE NEONissan RB engine, 2.5L twin-cam second generation
RB25DETNissan RB engine, 2.5L twin-cam turbocharged
RB25DET NEONissan RB engine, 2.5L twin-cam turbocharged second generation
RB26DETTNissan RB engine, 2.6L twin-cam turbocharged
RB26DETT N1Nissan RB engine, 2.6L twin-cam turbocharged NISMO
RB28DETNissan RB engine, 2.8L modified RB25DET by Reinik for Nissan R33 Skyline 280 Type-MR
RB28DETTNissan RB engine, 2.8L twin-cam turbocharged NISMO
RB30DENissan RB engine, 3.0L modified RB20DE head was bolted onto the RB30E block
RB30ENissan RB engine, 3.0L fuel-injected single-cam
RB30ETNissan RB engine, 3.0L fuel-injected single-cam turbocharged
RB30SNissan RB engine, 3.0L carburetted single-cam
RCCARacing Collectibles Club of America
RCRRichard Childress Racing
REORansom Eli Olds
RFARegulatory Flexibility Act - U.S. Government
RIDOTRhode Island Department of Transportation
RIRRichmond International Raceway
RMVRegistry of Motor Vehicles - Massachusetts
ROCRace of Champions
RPMrevolutions per minute
RPSTLRepair Parts and Special Tools List - U.S. Army
RQRecall Query - NHTSA
RQReportable Quantity - U.S. Government
RRrear engine, rear drive
RSRally Sport - Chevrolet
RTRRobert Tighe Racing
RVRecreational Vehicle
RVIARecreational Vehicle Industry Association
RWDrear wheel drive
RYRRobert Yates Racing
RZMRaceZing Mania
S-VTSequential Valve Timing - Mazda
SAACShelby American Automobile Club
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers
SAFETEA–LUSafe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act - U.S. Government
SAHSociety of Automotive Historians
SBRStone Brothers Racing
SBTCSmall Business in Transportation Coalition
SCACStandard Carrier Alpha Code - U.S. Government
SCADAState of California Automotive Dismantlers Association
SCCSport Compact Car
SCCASports Car Club of America
SCDOTSouth Carolina Department of Transportation
SCISpecial Crash Investigation - NHTSA
SCPSouthern Car Parts
SCRSelective Catalytic Reduction Technical
SCSNStreet Car SuperNationals - PCSA
SDSuper Duty - Pontiac
SDDOTSouth Dakota Department of Transportation
SDLAState Driver Licensing Agencies
SEAMOSouth East Automotive Media Organization
SH-AWDSuper Handling All Wheel Drive - Honda
SLTire Sidewall Code Suffix: agricultural
SLASealed Lead Acid - battery type
SMARTSwift Market Analysis Response Team - Toyota
SMMTSociety for Manufacturers and Motor Traders
SOHCSingle OverHead Camshaft
SSSkid Steer - Tire Sidewall Code Suffix
SSSuper Sport - Chevrolet
SSRSSingle State Registration System - U.S. Government
SULEVSuper Ultra Low Emission Vehicle - United States EPA
SUVSports-Utility Vehicle
SvGShane van Gisbergen
SVIASpecialty Vehicle Institute of America
T/ATrans Am - Pontiac
TBPSTanker Ballistic Protection System - U.S. Army
TCMTehcnical Control Module
TCUTehcnical Control Unit
TCUVToyota Certified Used Vehicle - Toyota
TDCtop dead center
TDOTTennessee Department of Transportation
TGTop Gear
TGTractor Grader - Tire Sidewall Code Suffix
THORTest device for Human Occupant Restraint
TIMTCTrucking Industry Mobility & Technology Coalition
TLETire & Lube Express - Walmart
TLEVTransitional Low Emission Vehicle - California
TMCToyota Motor Corporation - Toyota
TMCATransportation Marketing & Communications Association
TMGTransamerican Manufacturing Group
TMMTXToyota Motor Manufacturing Texas
TMSToday's Motor Sports
TNCTransportation Network Company
TNTSSTNT Super Series
TPMSTire Pressure Monitoring System
TRAATowing and Recovery Association of America
TRDToyota Racing Development - Toyota
TRUTransport Refrigeration Unit
TSBTechnical Service Bulletin
TSCCTwin Swirl Combustion Chamber - Suzuki
TxDOTTexas Department of Transportation
UAUnintended Acceleration
UAICUnited Automobile Insurance Company
UAWUnited Auto Workers
UDOTUtah Department of Transportation
ULEVUltra Low Emission Vehicle - United States EPA
URSUnified Registration System - U.S. Government
URZ100Lexus Chassis Code: Lexus LC500
USDMUnited States Domestic Market
USDOTUnited States Department of Transportation
USGPUnited States Grand Prix - Formula 1
USSTUnited States Super Truck
UTIUniversal Technical Institute
V10v-block, 10 cylinders
V12v-block, 12 cylinders
V16v-block, 16 cylinders
V4v-block, 4-cylinder
V6v-block, 6-cylinder
V8v-block, 8-cylinder
V8SAV8 Supercars Australia
VATire Sidewall Code Prefix: agricultural & logging
VARDAValley Auto Race Drivers' Association
VCTVariable Cam Timing - Ford
VDAVerband der Automobilindustrie
VDMERSVehicular Digital Multimedia Evidence Recording System
VDOTVirginia Department of Transportation
VELVariable valve Event and Lift - Nissan
VFTire Sidewall Code Prefix: agricultural tire to be operated at 40% higher load
VIICVehicle Infrastructure Integration Consortium
VINVehicle Identification Number
VIRVirginia International Raceway
VISVehicle Inspection Systems
VOQVehicle Owners' Questionnaire - NHTSA
VRTCVehicle Research and Test Center - NHTSA
VTECVariable valve Timing with Electronic lift Control - Honda
VTEC-EVariable valve Timing with Electronic lift Control and Efficiency - Honda
VTransVermont Agency of Transportation
VTTIVirginia Tech Transportation Institute
VVELVariable Valve Event and Lift - Nissan
VVTVariable Valve Timing
VVT-iVariable Valve Timing w/intelligence - Toyota
VVTL-iVariable Valve Timing and Lift w/intelligence - Toyota
W12w-block, 12 cylinders - Volkswagen/Audi
W16w-block, 16 cylinders - Volkswagen/Audi/Bugatti
WAAIWomen's Automotive Association International
WARRSWeekend Warrior American Road Racing Series
WCOPMAWest Coast Outlaw Pro Mod Association
WECWorld Endurance Championship - FIA
WIPWork In Progress
WisDOTWisconsin Department of Transportation
WOTWide Open Throttle
WRRWhite Roof Radio
WSDOTWashington Department of Transportation
WV-DOTWest Virginia Department of Transportation
WyDOTWyoming Department of Transportation
XW10Toyota Chassis Code: 1997-2003 Toyota Prius
XW20Toyota Chassis Code: 2003-2009 Toyota Prius
XW30Toyota Chassis Code: 2009-2015 Toyota Prius
XW50Toyota Chassis Code: 2015-____ Toyota Prius
YCC-IYamaha Chip Controlled Intake - Yamaha
YCC-TYamaha Chip Controlled Throttle - Yamaha
Z100Lexus Chassis Code: Lexus LC
ZARZeiu Automotive Resources
ZEVZero Emission Vehicle - United States EPA
ZF1Honda Chassis Code: JDM 2010-2012 CR-Z; USDM 2011-2013 CR-Z base, EX
ZZGChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Front
ZZHChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Front
ZZJChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Front
ZZKChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Front
ZZLChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Front
ZZMChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Front
ZZNChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Front
ZZPChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Front
ZZRChrysler Group Sales Code: Rear Spring Code/Spring - Right Rear
ZZSChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Rear
ZZUChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Rear
ZZVChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Rear
ZZWChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Rear
ZZXChrysler Group Sales Code: Spring - Right Rear
ZZZChrysler Group Sales Code: Test Code

Toyota Unintended Acceleration Investigation Acronyms and Abbreviations (2011) - PDF - 2 pages

Joke "Acronyms"

Just for fun, here are some of the "real meanings" behind your favorite automobile brands & cars...

Acura - All Customers Undergo Repair Anxiety
Alfa Romeo - All Loosely Fitted Accessories Remain On Motorway Enraging Others
Aston Martin - Anglophiles Seek To Own, Now Many Are Really Trashy, I Notice
Audi - Accelerates Under Demonic Influence
Audi - Aging, Unfulfilled Dentists' Investment
Bentley - British Excess Needs To Leave Everywhere, Yesterday
BMW - Big Money Waster
BMW - Bought My Wife
BMW - Bring Money With
BMW - Broke My Wheels (for a crashed BMW, of course)
Bugatti - "Bangin' Underground Gangsta Attitude" Trumps Techy Image
Buick - Big Ugly Indestructible Car Killer
Cadillac - Can American Designers Invent Lovely Lines? Apparently, Can't.
Chevrolet - Cheap Hardly Effective Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time
Chevrolet - Cheap Heaps: Expect Very Routine Owner Letdowns, Excessive Trouble
Chevrolet - Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques
Chrysler - Can Hear Revs, Yet Sense Little Engine Reaction
CoT - Chassis Obliterates Tires (NASCAR Car of Tomorrow)
Dodge - Doddering Old Dudes Get Excited
Dodge - Drips Oil Drips Grease Everywhere
Ferrari - Fragile, Expensive Rides Repel All Reasonable Individuals
Fiat - Fix It Again, Tony
Fiat - Failed Italian Automotive Technology
Fiat - Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation
Ford - First On Race Day
Ford - Fix Or Repair Daily
Ford - Flip Over, Read Directions
Ford - Found On Road Dead
Ford - Fucker Only Runs Downhill
Ford - Fuckin' Old Rebuilt DeSoto
Ford - Fuckin' Old Rebuilt Dodge
Geo - Good Engineering Overlooked
GM - Generally Miserable
GM - Great Mistake
GM - Garbage Motors
GM - Government Motors (referring to 2008 bailout)
GMC - Garage Mechanic's Curse
GMC - Got More Crap?
Holden - Has Oil Leaks, Dents, Engine Noise
Honda - Had One, Never Did Again
Honda - Has Only Normal, Dull Attributes
Hyundai - Hope You Understand Nothing's Driveable And Inexpensive
Hyundai - Hope You Understand No Dependable Autos Included
Jaguar - Jerks Are Giving Unasked Advice Regularly
Jaguar - Just Another Gearbox Under Annual Repair
Jeep - Just Eats Every Part
Jeep - Just Eats Every Penny
Jeep - Just Empty Every Pocket
Jeep - Just Expect Excessive Problems
Kia - Killed In Action
Kia - Korean Idiot's Attempt
Lamborghini - Less Able Men Buy Only Really Gaudy High-priced Italian Narcissism Implements
Land Rover - Lame Americans Need Dumb, Really Oversized Vehicles, England Realized
Lexus - Luxury Equipment Xeroxed, Used Seldom
Lincoln - Luxury Is Now Cheesy On Latest Navigators
Lotus - Lightness Out; Tubbiness Ubiquitous, Sadly
Maserati - Mechanically Adept Souls Expect Repairs All Times, Indefinitely
Maybach - Mercedes, And Yet Buyers Almost Completely Hypothetical
Mazda - Mainstream Ads, "Zoom-Zoom" Denote Apathy
Mercedes-Benz - Mechanical Engineers Regret Choices, Especially Designing Expensive Stuff, But Executives Need Zillions
Mini - Metrosexual Idiots Need Instructions
Mitsubishi - Mechanics Investigate Trouble, Some Understand, But It's Sure Had It
Mopar - Many Odd Parts Arranged Randomly
Mopar - Move Over People Are Racing
Mopar - Move Over Parts Are Rusting
Mopar - My Only Problems Are Repairs
Morgan - Merkin-Owning Rich Geezers Are - the) Norm
NASCAR - Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks
Nissan - Nasty Import Styles Seem All Normal
Pagani - Prissy Aristocrats Gather Accumulated Net Income
Pontiac - Pontiac Owners Never Think It's A Cadillac
Pontiac - Ponderous, Old, Noisy— These Indicate Attributes, Clearly
Porsche - Pricks Or Rich Shitheads Can Have ‘Em
Rolls-Royce - Rich Old Lame Louts Still Run Over Your Childhood Expectations
Saab - Snobs And Arrogant Bastards
Saab - Stupid Assholes And Bitches
Saab - Shape Appears Ass-Backwards
Saab - Sadly Absent, Always Broken
Saturn - Slow And Tasteless: Upgrade Right Now!
Saturn - Simpletons Attracted To Unconventional Retail Network
Smart - Smug Men Are Really Tiny
Subaru - Shift Up, Because Always Revs Unnecessarily
Suzuki - Sadly Uninspired Zip Ultimately Kills It
Tesla - Technology Excesses Seem Lame, Actually
Toyota - Totally Ordinary Yawn-Optimizing Tedious Autos
Volkswagen - Very Ordinary Looking Krautwagons Saddled With Apathetic German Engineering Now
Volvo - Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object
Volvo - Violation Of Law: Vehicular Obesity
VTEC - Virtually Torqueless Economy Car
VW - Virtually Worthless

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