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German Grand Prix

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Open Wheel Racing

German Grand Prix

A Formula 1 race held in Germany. In some years the European Grand Prix was held in Germany.

Wikipedia: German Grand Prix

CircuitWinnerWinner's Make
1926AVUS BerlinRudolf CaracciolaMercedes
1927Nürburgring GesamtstreckeOtto MerzMercedes
1928Nürburgring GesamtstreckeRudolf Caracciola & Christian WernerMercedes
1929Nürburgring GesamtstreckeLouis ChironBugatti
1931Nürburgring NordschleifeRudolf CaracciolaMercedes
1932Nürburgring NordschleifeRudolf CaracciolaAlfa Romeo
1934Nürburgring NordschleifeHans StuckAuto Union
1935Nürburgring NordschleifeTazio NuvolariAlfa Romeo1935 Race Information
1936Nürburgring NordschleifeBernd RosemeyerAuto Union
1937Nürburgring NordschleifeRudolf CaracciolaMercedes
1938Nürburgring NordschleifeRichard SeamanMercedes
1939Nürburgring NordschleifeRudolf CaracciolaMercedes
1950Nürburgring NordschleifeAlberto AscariFerrari
1951Nürburgring NordschleifeAlberto AscariFerrari1951 Race Information & Results
1952Nürburgring NordschleifeAlberto AscariFerrari1952 Race Information & Results
1953Nürburgring NordschleifeGiuseppe FarinaFerrari1953 Race Information & Results
1954Nürburgring NordschleifeJuan Manuel FangioMercedes1954 Race Information & Results
1956Nürburgring NordschleifeJuan Manuel FangioFerrari1956 Race Information & Results
1957Nürburgring NordschleifeJuan Manuel FangioMaserati1957 Race Information & Results
1958Nürburgring NordschleifeTony BrooksVanwall1958 Race Information & Results
1959AVUS BerlinTony BrooksFerrari
1960Nürburgring SüdschleifeJoakim BonnierPorsche
1961Nürburgring NordschleifeStirling MossLotus-Climax
1962Nürburgring NordschleifeGraham HillBRM
4 August 1963Nürburgring NordschleifeJohn SurteesFerrari1963 Race Information & Results
1964Nürburgring NordschleifeJohn SurteesFerrari
1965Nürburgring NordschleifeJim ClarkLotus-Climax
1966Nürburgring NordschleifeJack BrabhamBrabham-Repco
1967Nürburgring NordschleifeDenny HulmeBrabham-Repco
1968Nürburgring NordschleifeJackie StewartMatra-Ford
1969Nürburgring NordschleifeJacky IckxBrabham-Ford
1970HockenheimringJochen RindtLotus-Ford
1971Nürburgring NordschleifeJackie StewartTyrrellFord
1972Nürburgring NordschleifeJacky IckxFerrari
1973Nürburgring NordschleifeJackie StewartTyrrellFord
1974Nürburgring NordschleifeClay RegazzoniFerrari
1975Nürburgring NordschleifeCarlos ReutemannBrabham-Ford
1976Nürburgring NordschleifeJames HuntMcLaren-Ford
1977HockenheimringNiki LaudaFerrari
1978HockenheimringMario AndrettiLotus-Ford
1979HockenheimringAlan JonesWilliams-Ford
1980HockenheimringJacques LaffiteLigier-Ford
1981HockenheimringNelson PiquetBrabham-Ford
1982HockenheimringPatrick TambayFerrari
1983HockenheimringRené ArnouxFerrari
1984HockenheimringAlain ProstMcLaren-TAG
1985Nürburgring GP-StreckeMichele AlboretoFerrari
1986HockenheimringNelson PiquetWilliams-Honda
1987HockenheimringNelson PiquetWilliams-Honda
1988HockenheimringAyrton SennaMcLaren-Honda
1989HockenheimringAyrton SennaMcLaren-Honda
1990HockenheimringAyrton SennaMcLaren-Honda
1991HockenheimringNigel MansellWilliams-Renault
1992HockenheimringNigel MansellWilliams-Renault
1993HockenheimringAlain ProstWilliams-Renault
1994HockenheimringGerhard BergerFerrari
1995HockenheimringMichael SchumacherBenetton-Renault
1996HockenheimringDamon HillWilliams-Renault
1997HockenheimringGerhard BergerBenetton-Renault
1998HockenheimringMika HäkkinenMcLaren-Mercedes
1999HockenheimringEddie IrvineFerrari
2000HockenheimringRubens BarrichelloFerrari
2001HockenheimringRalf SchumacherWilliams-BMW2001 Race Information
2002HockenheimringMichael SchumacherFerrari2002 Race Information
2003HockenheimringJuan Pablo MontoyaWilliams-BMW2003 Race Information
2004HockenheimringMichael SchumacherFerrari
2005HockenheimringFernando AlonsoRenault2005 Race Information
2006HockenheimringMichael SchumacherFerrari
2008HockenheimringLewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes2008 Race Information
2009Nürburgring GP-StreckeMark WebberRed Bull-Renault2009 Race Information
2010HockenheimringFernando AlonsoFerrari
2011Nürburgring GP-StreckeLewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes2011 Race Information
2012HockenheimringFernando AlonsoFerrari2012 Race Information
2013Nürburgring GP-StreckeSebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault
2014HockenheimringNico RosbergMercedes
2016HockenheimringLewis HamiltonMercedes

1935 Race Information

Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 The Old Red Car
Teenage Hotrodders #17, March 1966
View Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 - 398KB
Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 The Old Red Car
Teenage Hotrodders #17, March 1966
View Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 - 395KB
Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 The Old Red Car
Teenage Hotrodders #17, March 1966
View Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 - 417KB
Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 The Old Red Car
Teenage Hotrodders #17, March 1966
View Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 - 396KB
Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 The Old Red Car
Teenage Hotrodders #17, March 1966
View Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 - 404KB
Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 The Old Red Car
Teenage Hotrodders #17, March 1966
View Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 17 - 400KB

1951 Race Information & Results

July 29, 1951
Fastest lap:  9:55.800 by Juan Manuel Fangio

11Alberto AscariFerrari71203:23:03.38
23Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo7520+0:30.57
32Jose Froilan GonzalezFerrari7420+4:39.04
45Luigi VilloresiFerrari7220+5:50.23
56Piero TaruffiFerrari7320+7:49.12
68Rudi FischerFerrari9119+1 Lap
79Robert ManzonSimca-Gordini8219+1 Lap
815Louis RosierTalbot-Lago-Talbot8419+1 Lap
919Pierre LeveghTalbot-Lago-Talbot9018+2 Laps
1022Jacques SwatersTalbot-Lago-Talbot9318+2 Laps
1118Johnny ClaesTalbot-Lago-Talbot9417+3 Laps
1211Yves Giraud CabantousTalbot-Lago-Talbot8717Accident
1314Maurice TrintignantSimca-Gordini8113Engine
1410Felice BonettoAlfa Romeo7712Magento
1520Duncan HamiltonTalbot-Lago-Talbot8812Oil pressure
167Paul PietschAlfa Romeo7811Accident
1712Andre SimonSimca-Gordini8311Engine
184Nino FarinaAlfa Romeo768Overheating
1921Philippe EtancelinTalbot-Lago-Talbot864Gearbox
2013Louis ChironTalbot-Lago-Talbot853Ignition
2117Toni BrancaMaserati923Engine
2216Tuolo de GraffenriedMaserati792Engine

1952 Race Information & Results

August 3, 1952
Fastest lap:  10:05.100 by Alberto Ascari

11Alberto AscariFerrari101183:06:13.39
22Nino FarinaFerrari10218+14.16
36Rudi FischerFerrari11718+7:10.14
45Piero TaruffiFerrari10317+1 Lap3
511Jean BehraGordini10817+1 Lap2
617Roger LaurentFerrari11916+2 Laps
712Fritz RiessVeritas-BMW12116+2 Laps
815Toni UlmenVeritas-BMW12516+2 Laps
922Helmut NiedermayrAFM-BMW12415+3 Laps
1032Johnny ClaesHWM-Alta11315+3 Laps
118Hans KlenkVeritas12814+4 Laps
1229Ernst KlodwigBMW13514+4 Laps
134Robert ManzonGordini1078Accident
149Willi HeeksAFM-BMW1237Retired
1514Tony GazeHWM-Alta1206Gearbox
1619Adolf BrudesVeritas-BMW1265Engine
1725Marcel BalsaBMW1105Retired
1830Bernd NackeBMW1305Ignition
1926Eitel CantoniMaserati1164Axle
2023Rudolf KrauseBMW1363Retired
2124Rudolf SchoellerFerrari1183Suspension
2221Bill AstonAston-Butterworth1142Oil pressure
233Maurice TrintignantGordini1091Accident
247Paul PietschVeritas1271Gearbox
2510Felice BonettoMaserati1051Disqualified
2613Paul FrereHWM-Alta1121Gearbox
2718Theo HelfrichVeritas-BMW1221Retired
2820Josef PetersVeritas-BMW1291Retired
2927Piero CariniFerrari1041Brakes
3016Gino BiancoMaserati1150Retired

1953 Race Information & Results

August 2, 1953
Fastest lap:  9:56.000 by Alberto Ascari

13Nino FarinaFerrari2183:02:25.08
22Juan Manuel FangioMaserati518+1:04.06
34Mike HawthornFerrari318+1:43.64
47Felice BonettoMaserati718+8:48.63
511Tuolo de GraffenriedMaserati1717+1 Lap2
612Stirling MossCooper-Alta1917+1 Lap
719Jacques SwatersFerrari1817+1 Lap
81Alberto AscariFerrari117+1 Lap1
914Hans HermannVeritas3117+1 Lap
1022Louis RosierFerrari2017+1 Lap
1120Rodney NuckeyCooper-Bristol4016+2 Laps
1228Theo HelfrichVeritas2416+2 Laps
1316Kenneth McAlpineConnaught-Francis1616+2 Laps
1426Rudolf KrauseBMW3616+2 Laps
1532Ernst KlodwigBMW3715+3 Laps
1629Wolfgang SeidelVeritas2214+4 Laps
176Luigi VilloresiFerrari415Engine
1817Alan BrownCooper-Bristol3815Engine
198Onofre MarimonMaserati813Suspension
2024Edgar BarthEMW3512Retirement
2125Johnny ClaesConnaught-Francis1212Retirement
2234Oswald KarchVeritas2610Retirement
2318Willi HeeksVeritas238Retirement
249Jean BehraGordini97Gearbox
2510Harry SchellGordini116Engine
2615Prince BiraConnaught-Francis146Suspension
2721Theo FitzauAFM-BMW283Retirement
2827Kurt AdolffFerrari343Retirement
2930Guenther BechemAFM-BMW412Retirement
305Maurice TrintignantGordini101Differential
3113Roy SalvadoriConnaught-Francis151Engine
3233Erwin BauerVeritas321Retirement
3323Hans Von StuckAFM-Bristol210Retirement
3431Ernst LoofVeritas300Fuel pump

1954 Race Information & Results

August 1, 1954
Fastest lap:  9:55.100 by Karl Kling

11Juan Manuel FangioMercedes18223:45:45.88
25Jose Froilan GonzalezFerrari122+1:36.53 (SHR)
37Maurice TrintignantFerrari222+5:08.64
44Karl KlingMercedes1922+6:06.54
513Sergio MantovaniMaserati722+8:50.52
611Piero TaruffiFerrari421+1 Lap
712Harry SchellMaserati1521+1 Lap
816Louis RosierFerrari2521+1 Lap
910Robert ManzonFerrari2420+2 Laps
108Jean BehraGordini920+2 Laps
1117Prince BiraMaserati1417Steering
129Hermann LangMercedes2110Spun off
1314Clemar BucciGordini118Wheel
1419Theo HelfrichKlenk-Meteor-BMW228Engine
154Hans HerrmannMercedes207Fuel leak
166Paul FrereGordini104Wheel
172Mike HawthornFerrari33Transmission3 (SHR)
1815Roberto MieresMaserati82Fuel leak
193Stirling MossMaserati161Wheel bearing
2018Andre PiletteGordini120Suspension

1956 Race Information & Results

August 5, 1956
Fastest lap:  9:41.600 by Juan Manuel Fangio

1Juan Manuel FangioFerrari1223:38:43.79
2Stirling MossMaserati722+0:46.46
3Jean BehraMaserati622+7:38.34
4Paco GodiaMaserati2020+2 Laps3
5Louis RosierMaserati1519+3 Laps2
6 (DSQ)Bruce HalfordMaserati2120Disqualified
7 (NC)Ottorino VolonterioMaserati2216Not classified
8 (RET)Andre MilhouxGordini1115Engine
9 (RET)Alfonso de PortagoFerrari514Accident
10 (RET)Harry SchellMaserati1213Overheating
11 (RET)Luigi VilloresiMaserati1813Engine
12 (RET)Luigi MussoFerrari411Accident
13 (RET)Peter CollinsFerrari28Fuel leak
14 (RET)Eugenio CastellottiFerrari35Electrical
15 (RET)Umberto MaglioliMaserati83Steering
16 (RET)Horace GouldMaserati193Oil pressure
17 (RET)Roy SalvadoriMaserati162Suspension
18 (RET)Robert ManzonGordini100Suspension
19 (RET)Giorgio ScarlattiFerrari140Engine
20 (RET)Cesare PerdisaMaserati80Accident
21 (RET)Andre PiletteGordini110Accident

1957 Race Information & Results

August 4, 1957
Fastest lap:  9:17.400 by Juan Manuel Fangio

1Juan Manuel FangioMaserati1223:30:38.39
2Mike HawthornFerrari822+0:03.66
3Peter CollinsFerrari722+0:35.64
4Luigi MussoFerrari622+3:37.63
5Stirling MossVanwall1022+4:37.22
6Jean BehraMaserati222+4:38.5
7Harry SchellMaserati322+6:47.5
8Masten GregoryMaserati1621+1 Lap
9Tony BrooksVanwall1121+1 Lap
10Giorgio ScarlattiMaserati421+1 Lap
11Bruce HalfordMaserati1521+1 Lap
12 (RET)Hans HerrmannMaserati1714Chassis
13 (RET)Paco GodiaMaserati1811Steering
14 (RET)Stuart Lewis-EvansVanwall1214Gearbox
15 (RET)Horace GouldMaserati191Axle

1958 Race Information & Results

August 3, 1958
Fastest lap:  9:09.200 by Stirling Moss

12Tony BrooksVanwall8152:21:15.08
26Roy SalvadoriCooper-Climax1015+3:29.76
37Maurice TrintignantCooper-Climax1115+5:11.24
45Wolfgang von TripsFerrari415+6:16.33
512Bruce McLarenCooper-Climax F22015+6:26.32
613Edgar BarthPorsche F22115+6:32.4
711Ian BurgessCooper-Climax F22615+6:59.3
814Tony MarshCooper-Climax F23015+7:09.9
910Phil HillFerrari F22315+7:45.5
1024Cliff AllisonLotus-Climax1213+2 Laps
1116Ivor BuebLotus-Climax F22813+2 Laps
121Mike HawthornFerrari311Clutch
134Peter CollinsFerrari210Accident
148Harry SchellBRM69Brakes
1517Wolfgang SeidelCooper-Climax229Suspension
169Jean BehraBRM54Suspension
1722Graham HillLotus-Climax F2254Oil pipe
1823Christian GoethalsCooper-Climax F2274Fuel pump
193Stirling MossVanwall73Magneto
2015Carel Godin de BeaufortPorsche F2183Engine
2120Hans HerrmannMaserati173Engine
2218Dick GibsonCooper-Climax F2192Engine
2319Jack BrabhamCooper-Climax F2241Collision
2425Brian NaylorCooper-Climax F2291Fuel pump
2521Jo BonnierMaserati161Accident

Peter Collins died later during the day of August 3rd as a result of injuries sustained in his accident.

1963 Race Information & Results

Race Results

4 August 1963
15 laps on a 22.810 kilometer road course (342.2 kilometers)

Average Speed:  154.237 kph
Margin of Victory:  77.5 seconds
Time of Race:  2:13:06.8
Lead Changes:  4
Fastest Lap: 155.818 kph by John Surtees

FinishGridDriverConstructorCar #TeamLapsStatusPoints
12John SurteesFerrari7Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC15Out (2:13:06.8)9
21Jimmy ClarkLotus-Climax3Team Lotus15Out (+77.5)6
36Richie GintherBRM2Owen Racing Organisation15Out (+164.9)4
415Gerhard MitterPorsche26Ecurie Maarsbergen15Out (+491.5)3
516Jim HallLotus-BRM20British Racing Partnership14+1 Lap2
612Jo BonnierCooper-Climax16Rob Walker Racing Team14+1 Lap1
78Jack BrabhamBrabham-Climax9Brabham Racing Organisation14+1 Lap
818Trevor TaylorLotus-Climax4Team Lotus14+1 Lap
RET9Jo SiffertLotus-BRM18Siffert Racing Team10Out (differential)
1021Bernard CollombLotus-Climax28Bernard Collomb10Out (+5 laps)
RET17Carel Godin de BeaufortPorsche17Ecurie Maarsbergen9Out (wheel)
RET10Tony MaggsCooper-Climax6Cooper Car Company7Out (Engine)
RET13Dan GurneyBrabham-Climax10Brabham Racing Organisation6Out (Gearbox)
RET20Mario de Araujo CabralCooper-Climax22Scuderia Centro Sud6Out (Gearbox)
RET19Ian BurgessScirocco-BRM24Scirocco Powell5Out (Steering)
RET22Tony SettemberScirocco-BRM23Scirocco Powell5Out (crash)
RET5Bruce McLarenCooper-Climax5Cooper Car Company3Out (crash)
RET4Graham HillBRM1Owen Racing Organisation2Out (Gearbox)
RET14Chris AmonLola-Climax21Reg Parnell Racing1Out (crash)
RET7Willy MairesseFerrari8Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC1Out (crash)
RET11Innes IrelandLotus-BRM14British Racing Partnership1Out (crash)
RET3Lorenzo BandiniBRM15Scuderia Centro Sud0Out (crash)
DNQAndre Pilette29Tim Parnell
DNQIan Raby25Ian Raby Racing
DNQTim Parnell30Tim Parnell
DNQKurt Kuhnke27Kurt Kuhnke

2001 Race Information

28 July 2001Colombian Grabs First Pole in Formula OneVOA Sports

2002 Race Information

27 July 2002Schumachers to Head Field at German Grand PrixVOA Sports

2003 Race Information

3 August 2003Montoya Wins German Grand Prix in HockenheimVOA Sports

2005 Photographs

Michael Schumacher in 2005 Michael Schumacher
Ferrari F2005
Photo by Leo Schulz
View photo of Michael Schumacher in 2005 - 1.0MB

23 July 2005Formula One: Raikkonen Wins Pole for German Grand PrixVOA Sports
24 July 2005Gran Premio di Germania 2005 Wikinotizie

2008 Race Information

20 July 2008Lewis Hamilton wins 2008 German Grand PrixWikinews
1 August 2008Formel-1-Saison 2008: Großer Preis von Deutschland – Durch einen Strategiefehler gewinnt Lewis Hamilton das Rennen Wikinews

2009 Race Information

13 July 2009Mark Webber wins 2009 German Formula One Grand PrixWikinews

2011 Race Information

28 July 2011
The Flying Lap, Episode 31: German GP Debrief, 2014 Regulations
Duration: 1:23:50
Peter discusses the sensational German GP with the inimitable Craig Scarborough and looks ahead to this weekend's Hungarian GP. Can Lewis Hamilton and McLaren-Mercedes win again? Will Red Bull Racing bounce back? Can Ferrari win another? Peter and Craig also examine the new 2014 F1 technical regulations - both chassis and engines. Are they all step forwards? And what will the new cars look like? All this and more on Episode 31.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 31 at The Internet Archive

2012 Race Information

20 July 2012
The Flying Lap, Episode 79: Santander German GP Preview
Duration: 1:02:07
Nothing stays still in F1, particularly when a young team is finding its character and building its future . And so it is with Caterham F1. Hopes are high for Hockenheim as the team puts in more mileage with promising new aero updates on the CT01. Back in the UK, meanwhile, Caterham are now in the process of switching base from Hingham, Norfolk, to the Leafield Technical Centre in Oxfordshire. We'll be talking about all this and more with Caterham F1's Heikki Kovalainen as he joins us live from Germany in preparation for the season's third double-header race sequence. It was in 2008 that Heikki finished fifth in Germany and then won in Hungary for Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes. His challenges this year are different but in many ways every bit as enthralling. Travel schedules permitting - Caterham's aero test this week was moved at the last minute from Kemble in the UK to France due to weather conditions - we also hope to spend some time with John Iley, the former Jordan/Renault/Ferrari/McLaren aerodynamicist who joined Caterham F1 early this year as Performance Director.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 80 in Flash Video format - 226MB
27 July 2012
The Flying Lap, Episode 80: German GP Debrief; Hungarian GP Preview
Duration: 1:11:13
In our last show before the August summer shut-down, we look back at last Sunday's Santander German GP and ahead to this weekend's Hungarian GP. Craig Scarborough will be talking us through all the key technical developments on the leading cars and in the studio Rob Wilson will be looking at the drivers in detail and at the way the season is panning-out. Are Ferrari and Fernando Alonso now set fair for the 2012 World Championship? Can McLaren rebound with a win in Hungary? And where is the prodigious speed shown by Red Bull in Valencia? We'll be talking about all this and more with two of the best-informed people in the F1 business.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 80 in Flash Video format - 226MB

19 July 2012Hockenheim revisited - 1997 - Berger's last win Matt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
21 July 2012German Grand Prix - Hockenheim - Qualifying report Matt Hubbard, Speedmonkey
22 July 2012German Grand Prix - Hockenheim - not the race review Matt Hubbard, Speedmonkey

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